Jan 15, 2008

Its All In Your Mind.

The power of perception is truly very astonishing. These ads are as powerful as they are precisely because the human mind is preoccupied with its past thoughts.

 magazine  advertisementThis seems to be an advertisement of a magazine. Well it does go along with the magazine!

beer advertisementA cool advertisement of Schneider, which states 'it doesn't matter what you see. What's important is what it is.'

 orange juice advertisementIt's an orange juice advertisement.

 advertisement of Casas It's an advertisement of Casas: 'Everything a man could desire. In shoes.

 Baileys: 'The milk of Ireland.'This one is by Baileys: 'The milk of Ireland.'

 Burger king: 'Soft burgers with extra mayonnaise.'
Its by Burger king: 'Soft burgers with extra mayonnaise.'

 Kingfisher Lager's beer legsThis is Kingfisher Lager's 'beer legs'.

 advertisement by Auto Esporte: For those who get turned on by cars.It's an advertisement by Auto Esporte: 'For those who get turned on by cars.'

 car magazine advertisement A South African car magazine advertisement.

 Advertisement by Harley-Davidson. Advertisement by Harley-Davidson.

 Mitsubishi car advertisementThis one is by Mitsubishi car.

advertisement of a restaurantHere we have an advertisement of a restaurant.

Its All In Your Mind (4) 1

 Its All In Your Mind (4) 2

 Its All In Your Mind (4) 3

 Its All In Your Mind (4) 4Source: 1, 2, 3.

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