Nov 19, 2007

Body Mods.

People have been modifying their bodies in various ways for ages now. These can be permanent or semi-permanent but are deliberately done to alter the human body for various reasons. And at times just to push their body to the limits.

Body Mods 1
Body Mods 2
Body Mods 3
Body Mods 4
Body Mods 5
Body Mods 7
Body Mods 8
Body Mods 9
Body Mods 10
Source: 1, 2, 3 & 4.

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Amy said...

im sorry but what will it be like when these people realize the may want to have a family...and then one day have grandkids...and little jimmy comes up to his grandpa and says hey grandpa why the big holes in you face and grandpa will say all the better to....o wait they DONT DO ANYTHING!

Anonymous said...

Why does everyone assume that eventually you will want to have kids? Kids are NOT for everyone. It's a bad idea to assume just because you can means you should.

rie said...

What makes you feel that these people don't already have kids? Many heavily modified people do have kids. Some even have grandkids. Modifications are not just for the young.