Oct 24, 2007

How To Build A House In One Day!

Can you believe this! It just takes a day to construct a house (though it may extend from 1-3 days depending upon the size), but still don't you think this is something? This is something again from Japan: Its the speed building. Here it takes months or at times years to construct a building & Japanese have come up with this thing wherein you hand over your keys to the builder in the morning, & take the keys for a new home by night.

How To Build A House In One Day 1
0700 hours: First, the existing building is taken down - but not before checks have been made to ensure all people and pets are safely out, together with at least some of their belongings.
How To Build A House In One Day 20900 hours: Having cleared a space, the builders are ready to do what they do best - build (quickly).
How To Build A House In One Day 31230 hours: By lunchtime, after much high-speed work, the first half of the new building is already up.
How To Build A House In One Day 41500 hours: Astonishing progress has been made. The building is almost ready.
How To Build A House In One Day 51700 hours: The wraps come off and the new residence is ready to be occupied.
And here is the video:

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TuEIzBhbuNw">Watch How To Build A House In One Day Video on Youtube</a>

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Brian said...

Anybody else notice that there is no insulation? Plumbing? Electricity? Seems odd...