Oct 24, 2007

Cardboard Art.

Chris Gilmore created these life size sculptures of cars, motorcycles, bicycles, wheelchairs & guitar from cardboard. This is a sheer example of exceptional work that needs lot of concentration, patience & time. Its really amazing to see what can be created using the materials which are easily available around us.
Once again this shows & proves that creativity has no bounds & an artist can create wonders out of nothing.

Cardboard Art 1
Cardboard Art 2
Cardboard Art 3
Cardboard Art 4
Cardboard Art 5
Cardboard Art 6
Cardboard Art 7
Cardboard Art 8
Cardboard Art 9

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bookladyjkd said...

Thank you for this post, very cool stuff!

If you don't know it, although it is NOT cardboard but paper art, check out Peter Callesen's stuff. Simply mind boggling what true talent can do with a single sheet of paper.

Thank you again!