Aug 23, 2007

Super Cooled Water.

<a href="">Watch Super Cooled Water Video - 1 on Youtube</a>
In video - 1 it's shows an open bottle, about half full, being shaken. The water solidifies in a matter of seconds.

<a href="">Watch Super Cooled Water Video - 2 on Youtube</a>
In video- 2 water in a clear glass is stirred with a straw & it freezes.

<a href="">Watch Super Cooled Water Video - 3 on Youtube</a>
In video 3 he tried to pour some water from a bottle into a glass, but ice formed at the mouth of the bottle before he could get much out. This video (almost) shows the crystallizing in the bottle. Keep your eyes on the bottom of the bottle; you can see it get cloudy as the water changes states.

These three videos are made by Matthew Sparks on super cooled water. It all happened on in the first week of December 2005 when he went to get some bottled water from his garage. The bottled water was in the garage for over a week, & was mostly undisturbed. The temperature was reportedly -17°C (about 1°F). Though it looked to him the garage was slightly warmer than that, but still below the freezing point of water & when he picked up the bottle of water it wasn't frozen & it was in fact in liquid state. But once he disturbed the bottle it began to crystallize. Though he missed to record those moments. And what you have seen speaks the further story itself.

Source: 1, 2, 3 & 4

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