Aug 31, 2007

How To Make Cardboard Furniture!

Inexpensive yet durable is this cardboard furniture & above all its eco-friendly too. It can be made to support the weight of a person. So what's that stopping you from making it from cardboard boxes? Lets get started & make something useful & stylish.


Cardboard tableIn a few simple steps Carol Duvall makes this table, which is four feet high, with a circular top four feet wide.

Materials needed:
"heavy corrugated cardboard cut to the following dimensions:
4' X 4' for tabletop
two 4' X 3 1/2' for legs
Here are the steps how to make it: Link.


Cardboard chairThis chair can withstand an adult's weight quite easily even without using lamination. "The corrugated cardboard construction has a warmth and softness not obtained from wood".
Here is a brief guide & photographs that describes how to make a chair, & a diagram of how to cut out the parts.

Kids Furniture

Cardboard kids furntiureHow about kids making some cardboard furniture? Here is this site, which will be of help: foldschool, it has downloadable patterns to get you started. But do remember to help the kids with the cutting of some cardboard & all.
Foldschool: Link.

Coffee table

cardboard coffee tableThere is this coffee table "Chubb" coffee table. "The top is four sheets cross-glued, with the bottom two sheets cut out for the legs. It's stable enough for me to sit on! I designed it to go with the low sofa/futon we bought, but once put together, it reminds me of those traditional chabu-dai (low, portable dining tables for small meals) I used to see on television dramas in Japan".
More details: Link.

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Gilbert said...

Hello, there are lots of elaborated furniture that can me made with cardboard, take a look here :

and don't be afraid if it's a french forum, it's a link to our furnitures gallery.

just a sample :

Magic on the Rox said...

Golly gosh...what an incredibly rich and interesting blog. I soent the whole of yesterday afternoon delving in every nook of it and have totally enjoyed it.

Just wanted to thank you for your good work and to let you know that I have added you to my blog list (deservedly).

Please keep on keeping on
I shall visit regularly

Venus said...

Hey Rox, thanks for the huge compliment.

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These are all the very creative and too beautiful masterpieces of card board and what a fabulous piece of art is that all.