Jul 17, 2007

USB Air Conditioned Shirt.

USB Air Conditioned Shirt

This summer you can be cool with the former Sony technician Kouzi Ichigaya's air-conditioned shirt. The idea is simple, 'to keep cool'. It has two small fans at waist level to supply air around the inside & can be powered by a USB port, AA batteries, or car's cigarette lighter.

"The clothes have two 10 centimeter fans located at right and left sides at the back of clothing at waist level. These fans draw in a large amount of air which helps to vaporizes thus evaporates sweat and bringing down the wearers body temperature. The clothing comes with a switch to adjust the fan speed. Just connect your shirt to the USB port and be cool.

At present half sleeve shirts for men and women are available with this unique system in Japan."

Source: Newlaunches Via Presurfer
You can buy it here Kilian-nakamura

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