Jul 28, 2007

Inspiring kid.

Here we have this kid who doesn't have the lower body. But her smile & outlook towards the life is very much amazing.
It gives hope to those who feel tired at times & want to give up the things which they aren't able to achieve it anymore or they think they cant.
This kid shows us how life can be difficult & challenging. But for one who is determined & has made up his mind, there is nothing called 'impossible'.

Inspiring kid

Inspiring kid

Inspiring kid

Inspiring kid

Inspiring kid


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genxtech said...

Unbelievable! It is great how some people are just happy with how things are.

Carolyn Shopes said...

This is such a amazing photo... Shes so beautiful. Her smile is just amazing. =)

Venus said...

@ Carolyn Shopes, you said very correctly.

BlackEyes said...

This is SO inspiring!

I wonder what happened to her.