Jul 3, 2007


The guys who managed to do this balancing act have done a great job. Really amazing balancing they achieved. Its difficult to describe it & these photos speaks for selves.

Update: Thanks to 'Anonymous' who suggested that "Most of them, if not all, are from artists Fischli and Weiss ." And as a matter of fact it turned out to be true. On our further search we came across selected work of artists Fischli and Weiss at Sprueth Mager. This artist duo that have been collaborating since 1979. They are among the most renowned contemporary artists of Switzerland. "For their work, they make use of a large bandwidth of artistic forms of expression: Film and photography, art-books, sculptures made out of different materials, and multimedia-installations. They adapt objects and situations of the everyday life and place them into an artistic context."
Their works are held in the collection of the Tate and the Guggenheim.

balance (20) 1balance (20) 2balance (20) 3balance (20) 4balance (20) 5balance (20) 6balance (20) 7balance (20) 8balance (20) 9balance (20) 10balance (20) 11balance (20) 12balance (20) 13balance (20) 14balance (20) 15balance (20) 16balance (20) 17balance (20) 18Image source: Ueba

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Anonymous said...

Most of them, if not all, are from artists Fischli and Weiss.

Anonymous said...


neednotknow said...

one before me is an id***.
ignore him.
he has no idea how to do that so he has to call 'shopped' like most people do.

Anonymous said...

This is clearly photoshopped. I can see traces of the stamp tool.

Another One? said...

Neednot... seems to me that it is photo shopped.. maybe you have no idea how to spot a shopper man, think of that?

Anonymous said...

It's shopped. I know because I've seen a lot of shops in my time and I can see the pixels

Trevor said...

Who cares if it's photo shopped.
The composition is good and I like the concept.

Although, I have to say that I think it is not photo shopped.

Jer said...

It's not photoshop, you id**** obviously cant tell real stuff from photoshop, check out this picture of me that I made on photoshop!

I know what I'm talking about!

Fasher Davio said...

what Jer said.
on smaller, low quality photos, those little blubs of off-colour pixels around objects just happen.

btw jer, thats a great picture you linked!