May 23, 2007

Refrigerator Message Center Magnet

Here is this gadget we believe one should definitely go for: Discovery Message Magnet set. This small yet very useful gadget can be of great help. You can leave upto six messages for different family members, informing them of things to be taken care off; don't forget to call the lawyer, call the car insurance agent for auto insurance quotes, or take the dog for walk,..............

As its magnetized you can simply attach it to the fridge (as this is the perfect point to place it, instead of notes) or leave anywhere which is noticeable or mostly used.

Product Detail: " Create quick and easy messages for up to six family members or roommates with this photo enhanced voice recorder.
Records messages up to 10 seconds long
Personalize each message with photos
Includes 6 ultra-strong magnetic photo frames
Can easily be placed on your refrigerator or by your phone
Simply press the record button to begin leaving a message
Play a message with the push of a button
Set of two."

Cost you about $19.95.


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