May 14, 2007

Intelligent Coffee Machine

Here is this coffee machine that learns and reacts to its user type of coffee you need. JL Hufford Coffee and Tea, gives you this futuristic appliance: Intelligent Coffee Machine / Super Automatic Coffee Machine.

This "super automatic coffee machine" actually "learns the drinking patterns of its users."
"For the first several weeks, the machine learns the drinking patterns of its users. Then it adapts. Every Sunday afternoon, it's French vanilla cappuccino time. Each weekday morning, it starts brewing a triple espresso at 7:00 am. After dinner, it does up a creamy decaf café au lait."

So how does this work?
The company is tight-lipped about this aspect, as it is the crux of this invention. Hints are made at GPS tracking or the existing RFID technology.
The machine will also be connected to the Internet, and you'll be able to get your brew started with a simple phone call.
[Via Raw feed] eMediaWire