May 3, 2007

DocuPen RC800 Pen Scanner

Here is something, which you would like to carry along with you. A remarkably compact & light pen sized scanner: The DocuPen RC800 color handheld scanner.
Just run down the RC800 over the page which you want to scan & it will scan it into the memory, now you just need to connect it to your laptop or PC & its done.
With this you can achieve full color 24 bit scanning & it can store up to 100 pages of scanned text. It can scan a full page of text and graphics in about four to five seconds, which is really good.

"You can scan your letters, color documents, pictures and bring them into Paperport software. The DocuPen is different from other pen sized scanners in that it scans a FULL PAGE width and therefore scans the entire page including text and graphics in as little as 4 seconds. Other handheld and pen scanners only scan single lines of text or records handwriting and some scanners need to be attached to your computer whereas the Docupen overcomes these limitations." It's a good thing to have it around.
The cost ($299) is one factor which is pull back though you may opt for Docupen R700 Recertified which will cost you about $145.99.

<a href="">Watch the DocuPen RC800 on Youtube </a>