May 2, 2007

Choculator = Chocolate + Calculator

This choculator looks quite like a real chocolate bar, but in fact it's a pocket calculator.

Choculator = Chocolate + Calculator 1

Choculator = Chocolate + Calculator 2It's very useful though not very fancy & does only the basic math. It's still quite a gift for a chocoholic. Only problem that may arise is when they try to have a bite into it & will end up with plastic & circuits in their mouth.

Packing is what really makes it look real & even a chocoholic will be foo1ed & tempted to have a bite of it.
It has an 8 column indication, solar array, measures width 11× depth 6× height 0.8cm, & even has the fragrance of the chocolate in it & costs you just about ¥500 ($4 USD).