May 8, 2007

Amazing Body Painting Art.

The creator of these amazing art is Craig Tracy. "Within his varied artistic endeavors over the past twenty years he has painted almost on every surface imaginable and has found none to be as challenging, diverse, or satisfying as the human body. "I find the traditional canvas to be more utilitarian rather than creative. Every body is different and offers endless possibilities." It is the artist's intent to continue exploring and expanding the boundaries and perceptions of this most intriguing, and alluring ART FORMS." The painting process takes quite a few hours & here are the details.

Amazing Body Painting Art (12) 2(Image credit: Craig Tracy).
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Buğra Gökalp Okçu said...

Absolutely fabulous!

Juggo said...

To me, this art looks like it belongs on a velvet canvas.

Mimi Lenox said...

The lion is wearing a halo. I love it!

Celebrity Pictures said...

Beautiful art

lexa michaels said...

The interplay of colors is amazing! I visited a Body Painting Gallery once and it was no where near this!

5windsOfvenus said...

I like it!!! Some amazing and inspiring work there!!! Just incredible!

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