Mar 12, 2007

Personal Meteo Centre - METE-ON 1

Personal Meteo Centre - METE-ON 1

Mete-On 1 displays a weather forecast for 4 days and nights in 60 regions. It also provides 2 days' forecast (day/night) for 30 further regions of Europe. The dimensions are 255 x 170 x 41 mm & the current supply uses 4 x AA batteries or net adapter.
"Initial setup promises to be clear and simple and day to day operation are minimized to just a few buttons. Mete-On auto detects and selects the strongest signal and has a test mode to help you to find the best location for your display. At the touch of a button you can see the forecast your favourite European destinations."
It costs you about £195.00.
[METE-ON 1 Via Bios]


Naths said...

Does that mean it would work in U.S?