Feb 5, 2007

How Much Is Your Blog Worth?

www.yahoo.com is worth $458,867,144.64 ranked 1 (Alexa).

www.msn.com is worth $612,297,825.84 ranked 2 (Alexa).

www.google.com is worth $0.00 ranked 3 (Alexa).

www.baidu.com is worth $7,689,034.80 ranked 4 (Alexa).

www.youtube.com is worth $356,416,683.60 ranked 5 (Alexa).

www.myspace.com is worth $396,073,360.44 ranked 6 (Alexa).

www.live.com is worth $2,502,605.82 ranked 7 (Alexa).

www.orkut.com is worth $8,510,440.50 ranked 8 (Alexa).

www.qq.com is worth $0.00 ranked 9 (Alexa).

www.sina.com.cn is worth $0.00 ranked 10 (Alexa).

Inspired by Tristan Louis's research into the value of each link to Weblogs Inc, Business Opportunities Weblog created this little applet using Technorati's API which computes and displays once blog's worth using the same link to dollar ratio as the AOL-Weblogs Inc deal.


nich said...

My blog worth came as 1.5k. any takers?

BLSEO said...

Im not too happy that www.applyfor-mortgagesonline.com is only worth $564. Is that because the online world is so saturated now?

BLSEO said...

www.applyfor-mortgagesonline.com is only worth $560? Im shocked and upset!