Feb 15, 2007

Get rid of logos from your mobile phone / PDA.

Guys at Instructables have come up with a perfect solution to remove the glued-on logos on the face plates of your mobile phone and PDA, & you will be surprised to know that the main ingredient is the 'Sugar cubes'.
So how to go about it?
You just need to tape around the screen, keypad, & around where sugar could easily enter. The need of using the tape is to stop sugar entering the phone & you ending with a malfunctioning device.
Now use as many sugar cubes needed to remove the logo & you simply can scrub of the unwanted logo & do remember to replace the worn-out tape as needed as it might have got damaged or loosened in the process of rubbing.
Here is the video of work in progress.
And to be sure you got all of it right, do check the detailed link for a full step by step guide.