Feb 13, 2007

Clear XP's Memory with a single click.

Clear XP's Memory with a single click.

Are you tired of running a slow system with XP? Do you feel that lot of your system resources isn't available to you & you cant help it? here is the solution which will take you a few minutes & will clear your XP's memory with a single click whenever you want.
Click on 'Desktop', choose 'New', & finally click on 'Shortcut'. Create shortcut window will open, in that you just need to paste this:
%windir%\ system32\ rundll32.exe advapi32 .dll,Process IdleTasks & click next. Now type a name for this short cut say 'Memory Clean' or anything will do & say finish. If you wish you may change the icon as per your choice. It's done.
If you still have any confusion you may refer this video.
[Via forum.osnn.net]


Anonymous said...

The fact that you have to "clear your memory" manually for XP isn't proper on part of Windows.

Chris said...

Idle Task Scheduling: The ProcessIdleTask API

The file placement optimization, which is done no more often than once every three days, is an example of a task that is carried out when the system is deemed to be idle. System Restore and other features of Windows XP also attempt to defer some work until the system is deemed to be idle. There are also some done-once-after-setup work items that also operate under the Idle Task Scheduling mechanisms.