Feb 14, 2007

Car Parked on Side of a Building.

Can you believe this? We ourselves had a hard time believing this & still unable to accept it as its against the principle of gravity.

Car Parked on Side of a Building (3) 1While scanning for Google Earth someone noticed a very interesting sight (you wont believe it either) A car was parked on the side of a building & still amazing, it has a parking lot too. There were some speculations that its just a photo retouching of the aerial photography.
'Bebop' a GEC member found out the very next day that it was not a made up story. It was also known that this unique sight is in Westenbergstraat, Netherlands.

Car Parked on Side of a Building (3) 2
Car Parked on Side of a Building (3) 3

View in Google map, View in Google earth.

Images via Gearthblog, bbs.keyhole.com [Harry Van Reeken]



Johns said...

Is it a gimmick?

Bean said...

Most possibly they bolted it.

Sue said...

Gravity is one of the universal forces of nature. It is an attractive force between all matter, and is very weak as compared to the other forces of nature. The gravitational force between two objects is dependent on their masses, which is why we can only see gravity in action when at least one of the objects is very large (like the Earth)...........
This is not possible.

happy and blue 2 said...

Oh, and Happy Valentines Day..

narto said...

It's only a replica. No one drives it there. It just stuck in the building permanently.
In my country, Indonesia, there're bunch of crazy ppl doing useless things like this one.