Dec 21, 2006

Windows Vista.

Minimum Supported Requirements you need for the most basic edition of Windows Vista:
Processor 800 MHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor2 , 512 MB of RAM, GPU SVGA (800x600), HDD Space 15 GB, etc.

A hybrid hard disk is recommended to take advantage of the Windows ReadyDrive feature of Vista which helps in improved battery life & overall performance.

Top 10 Tips for Windows Vista :

1. Explore the new Windows Vista start menu.
2. Discover the new search explorer.
3. Experience the enhanced user interface.
4. Browse multiple Web sites.
5. Print picture perfect Web content.
6. Collaborate with a co-worker.
7. Share a folder or file directly from your PC.
8. Create an XPS Document.
9. Speed up your PC's performance.
10. Recover a previous version of a document.

Suggested retail price for full package of Windows Vista is about $399.00 USD & for upgrade retail price is $259.00 USD.