May 27, 2017

20 Must Have Gadgets that Increase Your Work From Home Productivity.

Just because you work from home doesn't mean that you aren't in for real work or you should have low productivity. Who else can understand this better than us - the bloggers! The best thing would be having your separate room for creating your workspace, but when this isn't possible and you need to work from the living room or your bedroom then things aren't the same, difficult and your productivity does come down. To increase your productivity, improve your focus on your work, and avoid distraction, we are sure these gadgets are going of great use.

Woohoo Interactive Artificial Intelligence Hub: Woohoo Interactive Artificial Intelligence Hub is a simple to use and affordable solution that can turn your home into a smart home. It speaks the language of your smart devices as well as yours and will turn on lights, control the temperature, lock the doors, create to-do lists and lot more. This smart home hub features facial recognition (360° rotating 1080p HD camera), voice recognition, a 7-inch touchscreen, an artificial intelligence (AI) so it can continuously learn and more. It comes equipped with infrared night vision and a motiondetection system and alerts you if there is anything out of place. You can even access your personal files directly from USB; play high definition movies and music from Pandora or Youtube. You can also store digital content offline, and use its built-in 4G LTE network when there is no Wi-Fi. It lets you see the status of your home, your devices, and even who's in the house at any time. You can control it using its app on your smart phone also. More info.

WooHoo Interactive Artificial Intelligence Hub

Fibaro's Smart Button: The Smart Button is perfect for any connected home. It makes things a lot easier around by letting you control your connected home appliances. It recognizes 6 different actions for various customized scenes - control the air conditioner, lights, notify your family member, call a taxi or order pizza and more. Its wireless and hence can be placed just about anywhere you want. Buy Now.

Fibaro's Smart Button

Momo Smart Home Assistant: Momo is a standalone security system, smart home super hub, and artificially intelligent assistant that makes smart homes safer, more comfortable, more accessible, and more efficient. Its self-learning standalone security system that features 360° night vision camera, motiondetection, facial recognition, and intelligent sound detection, and can also work with any additional security systems. It features a full suite of connectivity systems and an open architecture that allows it to automatically sync with and manage nearly all smart home devices, including standard appliances plugged into smart plugs. It employs machine-learning techniques to learn your habits and surrounding preferences, and suggest automations for your home. It connects to wireless doors or windowsensors, moisturesensors, additional security cameras, and uses them to recognize who is there and when they are moving. Apart from these you can even keep track of the health of family members wearing smart bands. Its app lets you view and manage all these devices. It's smart enough to activate your security system when you are asleep or away from the home. It also streams live video of unusual events detected, and even connects you with people in the home if need arise. Its intelligent sound detection can tell the difference between normal home noises and other unusual sounds like breaking glass. It also provides wireless two-way video and audio communication. It connects to Wi-Fi and lets you make and receive video calls through any connected AV device, like a smart TV, computer, or mobile phone. Apart from this, you can also make Wi-Fi voice calls using its speaker and microphone. It can detect unsafe air levels, and will call for assistance, sends an alert and sound an alert. It can also create different sets of automations to activate for each member of your household that enters the room or the home. You can save on your energy bills by leaving device management to Momo. Its AI allows it to learn your patterns of smart home device usage and behavior, and suggest sets of actions for you to consider. You can chat with Momo via Telegram, Facebook Messenger, or Skype. You can create pre-set modes for different scenarios, stream your favorite web radio to connected Bluetooth speakers, set the thermostat to your perfect temperature, adjust the lighting and more. It provides a wide variety of remote functions, like remote activation of devices in it's network, uses 128-bit encryption running on proven software, encrypts all data that goes through it, runs on an open platform and works with all your other devices without losing any functionality. It works with natural language virtual assistants like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. This smart home robot automates your home and lets you have something for yourself. Pre-order: $279.

Momo Smart Home Assistant

Hayo: With tech development, we got remotes and apps for most of our home devices. But managing multiple remotes isn't easy, won't it be cool if we can just move our hands and control the device? Hayo creates a virtual remote control and lets you control all of your smart home devices just by moving your hands or touching the objects around you. Hayo makes it possible for you to control your home with augmented reality. All you need to do is place Hayo in a room where you want a virtual remote control and it creates a 3D image map of the room. Using its augmented reality app, you can create virtual remote controls on top of objects or right in thin air. Next you connect them to your favorite connected home platforms and products like IFTTT, Wink, Sonos, and more and it gives you the ability to control them. Its app is compatible with iOS and Android. Pre-order: $279.


Hi) Smart Doorbell: Hi) smart video doorbell connects to the Internet, allows you to stay connected to your home anywhere and anytime via your iOS or Android device. It provides 2-way audio communication and one-way video, lets you see who is at your door and talk to them from your smart device. It also sends you a notification once it detects activity in front of your door. You can also connect the device to an electric lock and open the door from your smartphone. It's capable of recognizing your family members when they come near range and activate a pre defined scenario such as turn lights on, open door, and open windowblinds. You can also recharge the device using solar energy. Pre-order.

Hi) Smart Doorbell
Muzo: Muzo is an intelligent acoustic device that creates your personal zone of silence. It utilizes Billionsound Technology to generate dynamic realistic sounds. Pre-order: $159.


Nespresso Prodigio: Nespresso Prodigio is a connected coffee and espresso maker that lets you make a cup of coffee using your smartphone. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, lets you schedule the making time, sends alerts and more. It features 3 programmable volume settings. The complete kit comes with 24-ounce thermal travel cup and 2 espresso glasses. Buy Now: $278.

Nespresso Prodigio connected coffee and espresso maker

Teodoor Smart Lock: Teodoor Smart Lock uses secure Bluetooth and turns your smartphone into your new door key. It's smart to know when you are approaching your door to unlock it, and also locks the door behind you. It sends you a notification if any one tries to force your door open. And if it's set to Vacation Mode, you're notified of any activity whatsoever. You can always use your existing keys to unlock your door just in case you don't have your smartphone with you. It installs easily on the inside of your existing lock on a wide variety of doors. Its app is compatible with iOS and Android, gives you quick access to your daily nanny, weekly cleaner, one-time visits and more. Buy Now: $139.

Teodoor Smart Lock

AirSense Smart Air Quality Monitor: The AirSense is a smart air quality monitor and ionpurifier that monitors your indoors and detects VOC elements and sends alerts to your smartphone. It also features two-way audio speakers that you can use as audio monitor, play music, and more. It comes with millions of light colors for entertainment or can be used as night or reading light and can be controlled using its iOS and Android app. It connects to your Wi-Fi network and gives you data from around the world. Buy Now: $119.95.

AirSense Smart Air Quality Monitor

Reolink Argus: Reolink Argus is a wirefree security camera that requires no installation, no cords, no wiring, and no drilling. It comes with 360-degree magnetic base that lets you place the camera how you like. It features 1080p full HD resolution, 130-degree wide viewing angle, 2-way audio, weatherproof design, smart PIR motionsensor, night vision and more. Its batterylife lasts several months, comes with SD cardslot, and sends you alerts in real time if it detects anything moving. You can live view the camera from your smart phone anytime and anywhere. Pre-order: $80.

Reolink Argus

Everybot Robot Mop: If you are among those whose day passes of cleaning and maintaining your home then the Everybot RS500 robotic spin mop is for you. It comes with 7 cleaning modes, simple to use interface, and a remote control. It features a built-in motor, dual-spin mop and an auto water supply system that allow the robot to clean the floors effectively. It also features smartsensor system for safety that allows it to detect obstacles and avoid falls. Apart from these it also features cliff and lift detection. Pre-order: $229.

Everybot Robot Mop

Saent: Saent is a smart device and software designed to block out distractions and make you more productive. Once you press the button on the device, its app locks you into apps and websites (based on a predefined list) that are productive for your work, and blocks out distractions (like social networking sites or app notifications). It optimizes your work cycle by letting you work in 30, 50 or 90 minutes blocks with breaks in between. Pre-order: $79.


Orbnext: Orbnext is an always-on Wi-Fi connected real-time desktop data display device. It connects to your work network via Wi-Fi and lets you track virtually endless array of information. It lets you visualize important information with colors providing instant knowledge at a glance. Setting it up is easy, just place it over your smartphone and it connects to your wireless network, just plug, You can use its app on iPhone or Android to display popular presets such as stocks, weather, sports and more. It also integrates with IFTTT to provide virtually limitless flexibility to build customized notifications or monitor other Internet enabled devices on your network. Buy Now: $129.


Ecobee3 Wi-Fi Thermostat: Unlike the usual thermostats which only reads the temperature in one room leading to uneven temperatures in other rooms, the Ecobee3 Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat provides right temperature in the rooms that matter most. It can be connected to 32 remotesensors; and the more additions you make to it, the smarter it gets. It's capable of measuring temperature and occupancy to provide the right temperature in the right places. It intuitively understands when to turn on your heating or cooling equipment based on your office's unique energy profile and the weather outside, saving money and making sure you're comfortable at all times. It features 3.5" full-color touch screen with highly intuitive iconography and controls. Buy Now: $257.98.

Ecobee3 Wi-Fi Thermostat
Lucy: Lucy is your digital butler that features a touch screen, HD camera and voice control to connect your smart home and your family. It can take photos and video and you can use her for video calls. It understands what you tell her, and speaks English and German. It comes with learning features - just say 'Lucy learn this' and you can teach her new things. Lucy will assist you and your family in your daily routines; you can set reminders, leave messages and more. You can share your calendars, shopping lists, photos and more with your family. And she does a lot more. Pre-order: $459 - $799.

Lucy digital butler

Displio: Displio is a standalone, customizable Wi-Fi display that tracks and notifies you on everything that is important to you. Buy Now: $ 140.

Displio customizable Wi-Fi display

Gecko Switch: The Gecko Switch is a movable light switch that allows you to control your lights from anywhere in your home. All that's needed to be done is replace your standard light switch with the base switch and you are done. Now you can place the Gecko Switch anywhere you want and control your lights. It requires no wall work, no new wiring, hubs, bridges, or Wi-Fi, its simple to use. Gecko Switch is also a dimmer, timer and works for delayed off. The Gecko Switch can be removed then placed over and over again, and if it loses its sticking power, just wash it with water and it regains its stickiness. There are many images available, and these allow you to mark your Gecko Switch to know what each switch controls. And using its search function, you can make the switch beep. Buy Now: $59.

Gecko Switch

Nature Remo: Nature Remo is a universal smart controller for room air conditioners that lets you take control of it and save energy with convenience and comfort. It turns your windowmounted or through-the-wall air conditioner smarter and lets you control via smart phone, pre-set different temperatures for different times, or set the unit to automatically turn off based on the motionsensor. It also uses geo-location to turn on or off. Pre-order: $89.

Nature Remo universal smart controller for Ac

Airmega: Airmega is a smart air purifier that filters the air in your home and keeps you healthy. It comes with filters that withhold particles as small as 0.3 microns. It features real-time air quality monitoring, smart mode that automatically adapts to its surroundings, powerful dualsuction, filter lifetime indicator and more. Using its app you can monitor the air quality, activate the Airmega remotely, set schedule, receive real-time outdoor air quality updates and more. Buy Now: $644.99 - $719.99.

Airmega smart air purifier

iDevices Socket: iDevices Socket turns any ordinary light into a connected light. Just place it into your lighting fixture and insert any standard bulb, use its app to control your lamp's brightness and power. It supports Bluetooth Smart and Wi-Fi. Buy Now: $59.95.

iDevices Socket

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May 26, 2017

15 Best Coolers.

Its no fun without having a chilled beverage anywhere you are, or what you are doing. To keep your beverage chilled and easily accessible, we have the best coolers that are perfect for fishing, tailgating, picnic, beach, and more.

Alpine Cooler and Entertainment System: Alpine Cooler and Entertainment System keeps your beverages chilled while providing you with high-quality enjoyment. It features Bluetooth connectivity, built-in AUX port, two high-powered 90W amplifiers, 5.25-inch high dynamic range woofers and 1-inch high-output tweeters. It has 56-quart storage capacity, holds 72 12-oz cans. Buy Now: $1,499.95.

Alpine Cooler and Entertainment System
CreekKooler Floating Cooler: The CreekKooler Floating Cooler is a kayak like looking cooler that keeps your beverage chilled while able to float alongside your boat, raft, or canoe. It features 4 built-in "drink holders" located on the deck, 30-quart storage capacity, holds 30, 12oz-cans and 20lbs of icecubes. Buy Now: $199.99.

CreekKooler Floating Cooler
Tunes2Go Cooler: The Tunes2Go Cooler (CA-E065A KoolMax) is a 40-quart cooler, holds up to 48 cans or 28 bottles and comes with advanced insulation technology that provides iceretention for up to 3 days. It comes with removable cooler flashlight, 350 watts maximum output power Bluetooth digital music player and FM radio with two built-in 6.5" Hi-Fi waterresistant speakers and two 2" high performance tweeters to provide you with high-quality enjoyment. It lasts 16 hours of playing time and storage for iPad and recharging for iPhone/smartphone. Buy Now: $249.99.

Tunes2Go Cooler
Igloo Trailmate Cooler: The Igloo Trailmate is a rugged cooler that comes with a 70-quart (112 cans) capacity, retainsice for 4 days, serving tray, tie-down loops, bottle openers, and oversized never-flat wheels. Buy Now: $198.11.

Igloo Trailmate Cooler

Sconset Cooler Bag: The Hudson Sutler Cooler Bag features a half-inch insulation throughout to keep your beverage chilled. It can hold 30 cans or 8 bottles; the interior of the bag features a durable welded waterproof liner. Buy Now: $130.

Sconset Cooler Bag
Barebones Livings Cooler: The Barebones Livings Cooler can hold up to 16 12-oz. cans, or a six-pack of long neck bottles. It comes with a removable/adjustable shoulder strap, bottle opener zipper, and storage pockets with magnetic closures. Buy Now: $45.

Barebones Livings Cooler
Stash Cooler: Stash Cooler is an inflatable cooler that folds down when not in use, and when needed, it just pumps up. Once inflated, it becomes rigid and you can use it like any other cooler. It can stand unfriendly weather, and is available in multiple sizes. Buy Now: From $399.

Stash Cooler
Maluna Cooler: The Maluna Cooler features a patent pending hinge design that allows it retain temperature 20% better than the other coolers. It also features a patent-pending pressure regulator that maintains the ideal pressure and makes it easy for you to open it. It comes with a patent-pending drainplug temperature meter that displays the temperature of the food and drinks inside. Pre-order.

Maluna Cooler
Pelican Elite Cooler: The Pelican Elite Cooler is a 30-quart icebox that comes with 2 inch of polyurethane insulation with a 360-degree freezer-grade gasket that provides iceretention for up to 10 days. It features 4 self draining cup holders, leakproof drain plug, stainless steel bottle opener, 3 inch locking latches, reinforced lockable hasp, integrated measuring board on it to cover in centimeters and inches and more. Buy Now: $204.80.

Pelican Elite Cooler

Sovaro Luxury Cooler: The Sovaro Luxury Cooler holds your beverage in style. It uses cork as the insulation inside, features a polycarbonate exterior, luggage-style wheels, one touch latch, rear drain plug, and more. It holds 8 bottles standing upright. Buy Now: $495.

Sovaro Luxury Cooler
Leather Coolers: Made by Jayson Home, these coolers are covered up in dark brown leather making them look like luxury trunks than insulated cooler. The Jayson Home's Brown Leather Coolers use standard Coleman coolers and are sure to make you the envy of fellow picnickers and tailgaters. Buy Now: Starting at $385.

Leather Coolers
Bevpod Cooler: Bevpod Cooler doesn't look like an insulated box, but can hold 10 cans or 6 bottles and keep them chilled for up to eight straight hours. This ultra-slim cooler is 3 inches thin and weighs 3 lbs. Buy Now: $37.

Bevpod Cooler
Tube Cooler: The 6-pack Insulated Tube Cooler features a zipper on top end for easy access, and comes with a nylon adjustable shoulder strap. Buy Now: $11.93.

Tube Cooler
Sobro Cooler Coffee Table: The Sobro is a smart coffee table designed for your connected lifestyle, it comes with a refrigerated drawer, Bluetooth speakers, recharging ports, and lights. Buy Now: Pre-order: $899.

Sobro Cooler Coffee Table

Party Bucket Cooler: The Party Bucket Cooler by Dakine can be placed over the top of a 5-gallon bucket and keeps your beverages chilled. It features eight built-in insulated koozies, insulated bottleholster, internal waterresistant snack pocket, and built in bottle opener. Buy Now: $55.

Party Bucket Cooler
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May 25, 2017

15 Must Have Outdoor Gadgets For Techies.

Who says techies don't need a break? After all they are also human, and need to recharge themselves. But wherever they are, they need to have tech around them and so is the case with their outing.

inReach Explorer®+ Satellite Communicator: The inReach Explorer®+ Satellite Communicator is a handheld satellite communicator with GPS navigation, that lets you send 2-way text messaging from anywhere (100% global Iridium satellite coverage), track and more, off grid. It lasts for up to 100 hours on a recharge. It also connects to your smartphone or smart device over Bluetooth and gives you more features. Buy Now: $ 449.99.

inReach Explorer®+ Satellite Communicator

Arcaboard: Arcaboard lets you fly anytime, anywhere across any terrain or water. It comes with a built-in stabilization unit and 36 high power electric ductedfans with a maximum thrust of 200 kgs (430 lbs). You can control and navigate this hoverboard using your smart phone or you can turn off the stabilization system and steer it with your body. Buy Now: $ 14,900.


Wearable Strap Lights: The Strap Light by Zyntony is a flexible and super bright lighting solution that keeps you safe outdoors. Designed for outdoor adventures, it attaches to your backpack, jacket, belt, pants and more. It features 5 lighting modules fixed on a flexible stainless steel base and uses magnets for attaching. Its waterproof to one meter, provides 50 to 800 lumen output, and recharges via micro USB. Pre-order: $79.

Ra Strap Light

Ravean Down 2.0: Ravean Down 2.0 is an ultimate heated jacket that features back/chest/glove/pocket warmers, gloves with heated fingers, batterylife gauge, mobile recharging, breathable underarm flex panels, ripguard outershell, DWR waterresistant shellcoating, hydrophobic down, reflective inner aluminum coating, new controller, a new heatedhood option, and more. Pre-order: $299.

Ravean Down 2.0 heated jacket

Kalipak Portable Solar Generator: The Kalipak 201 is a 192 watt portable solar generator that features 4 USB recharging ports to recharge your smartphones, cameras, and laptops on the move. It also comes with 2 x 12V DC ports for lighting. It's capable of recharging your iPhone up to 32 times. Its iOS and Android app allows remote monitoring. You can even store your keys, wallets, and mobile devices in it. Buy Now: $399.

Kalipak Portable Solar Generator

Portable Coffee Maker: Portable Coffee Maker is a hand powered portable coffee maker and travel cup perfect for home use, office or when traveling. It can hold up to 13fl oz (around 380ml) and is easy to use. Pre-order.

Portable Coffee Maker
O2Tech Smart Lantern: O2Tech Smart Lantern is a smart, rugged, outdoor camping lantern. Using its app on your smartphone you can control it from a distance, change the brightness, choose the color, or setting it to flash and more. It even alerts you to possible weather changes, comes with weathersensors to measure temperature, humidity and barometric pressure, and sends the data to your smartphone. It comes with 5000mAh, the USB port lets you recharge your mobile phone or other devices. Pre-order: $70.

O2Tech Smart Lantern

Enkistove: Enkistove Wild is a portable pyrolytic stove that needs just a few branches or other dry biomass and you can use it to cook and grill. Using its power button on the smart cable you can adjust the intensity and choose between three power levels. The device is made of aluminum and stainless steel. Buy Now: About: $ 244 (229 €).


Hydration Pack Flavorinfuser: Did it ever happen to you that while outdoors, you felt that water isn't enough and perhaps you should have filled your hydration pack with a sports drink? Or once you filled your hydration pack with sports drink, you wanted pure water? Now the option you have - take multiple hydration packs, clean your hydration pack that holds your sports drink once you are back home, this is not something you look forward to. This is where Hydration Pack Flavorinfuser comes into the picture. It attaches to your hydration pack and gives you customflavor control with the turn of a dial. This device mixes customized flavor into the water flowing from your hydration pack to your mouthpiece. As the water passes through the device, it pulls drops of flavor as it flows by and these drops quickly mix with the stream and continue up to your mouthpiece. The bottom half of the device houses a removable flavor cartridge that you can fill with your choice of flavor or you can enjoy multiple flavors in the same cartridge. The flavor dial is located on the top on the device that allows you to select exactly how much flavor you want to release into the water. It's simple to attach, and let's you switch back to pure water at just the turn of a dial. More info.

Hydration Pack Flavorinfuser

Frodo: Frodo is a smart wearable adventure camera that edits videos for you. It records videos in full high definition, features an evolutionaryalgorithm based video editing and comes with gyro-based video stabilization. It comes with 5 auto-editing styles; its algorithm edits hours of adventure footage into ready-to-share videos instantly. It makes recording and sharing videos really easy and simple while you have your outdoor adventure. More info.


Igloo Trailmate Cooler: The Igloo Trailmate is a rugged cooler that comes with a 70-quart (112 cans) capacity, retainsice for 4 days, serving tray, tie-down loops, bottle openers, and oversized never-flat wheels. Buy Now: $198.11.

Igloo Trailmate Cooler

Aerobed Pakmat: The Pakmat inflates in about 60 seconds, measures 78 inches long and 26 inches wide, and weighs only 4 lbs including the pump. This 5-inch inflated bed is a cleverly designed camping mat that stores inside its own pump. Buy Now: $99.99.

Aerobed Pakmat
Braven BRVXXL: This outdoor Bluetooth speaker is designed for outdoors, comes with 15,600 mAh, 14 hours of playtime, and recharges your smartphones with the built in USB port. It comes with IPX5 waterproof rating, built-in microphonejack, and adjustable EQ settings. Buy Now: $349.99.

+Winter: No more freezing toes this winter with +Winter. +Winter insoles are app-enabled insoles that let you control the temperature from your smartphone. These insoles are lightweight and thin (5mm maximum), recharge wirelessly, with temperature range from 20/40 C, lasts up to 8 hours and lets you enjoy the most amazing warmth. To get going, just place these in your shoes and use its app on your smart phone to activate and control. More info.


Jammock: Jammock is a Jeep and Truck hammock, made of cordura nylon, and said to install in about a minute. For installation in jeep it uses NRS buckles and for the truck you need four tie-down anchors. JammockTruck measures 5' x 5' and comes with a 13'- long strapping, which is long enough for most truck beds. It can take up to 350 lbs, and is good enough for two people. Buy Now: From $124.19.


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