Feb 9, 2016

15 Clever Gadgets To Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter.

Collection of 'Clever Gadgets To Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter' from all over the world for you.

Linka: Linka is a smart bike lock that unlocks as you approach your bike. It recognizes you securely through your smartphone; to lock it, simply tap the button and a 9mm hardened square steel ring automatically locks your bike making it impossible to ride away. It also features a 3-axis accelerometer, 100 dB sound alert, sends notification to your smart phone using Bluetooth 4.0 and you can enter your customized 4-digit pass code if you don't have your smartphone along with you to unlock your bike. Its compatible with Android and iPhone smartphones and even if your bike is lost you can count on the other Linka riders to track your bike. Pre-order: $ 129.

Clever Gadgets To Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter - Linka

Sense: This smart device tracks your sleep behavior, monitoring the conditions in your bedroom (including noise, light, temperature, humidity and particles in the air) and wakes you up in the morning at the right point in your sleep cycle. It consists of 3 parts: the Sense base, Sleep Tracker, and mobile application. Sense sits on your nightstand and monitors the conditions in your bedroom and disturbances at night. Sleep tracker is a little device that attaches to your pillow and tracks your sleep at night. And its app lets you know how well you slept or didn't and gives you a unique Sleep Score each night. Sense even features a speaker to play white noise for you so you can sleep. Its app works with both iPhone and Android smart devices. Buy Now: $129.

Clever Gadgets To Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter - Sense

Friday Smart Lock: This smart lock connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth or WiFi and gives you access from anywhere. You can give remote access to your home or to anyone from anywhere, temporarily or forever. Use its app to grant temporary, one-time access, or permanent access and cancel it anytime. The lock is Apple HomeKit and Thread compatible, sends you a notification when someone tries to get an unauthorized access; can automatically unlock when you come and lock when you go out. Pre-order: $199-$299.

Clever Gadgets To Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter - Friday Smart Lock

Microbot Push: Microbot Push is a wireless roboticfinger that can push switches to power on and off remotely using a smartphone. Just place it above any switch, and you are set; use it to control your lights, coffee machine and everyday appliances. Pre-order: $99 Plus $49.

Clever Gadgets To Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter - Microbot Push

Somabar: Somabar is a Wi-Fi connected appliance designed for the home kitchen; it works with both Android and iOS devices. Pre-order: $429.

Clever Gadgets To Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter - Somabar

Droplet: Droplet is a smart button that lets you track important activities you don't want to forget. This wireless button can be attached to anything that needs a reminder. You can use it for setting reminders for healthy living, daily tracking, kids chores, household activities, nighttime routines and more. All you need to do is simply attach Droplet to an object and tap it when you complete the task. It will record it through its app so you can keep track of your activities and goals. You can set it to only remind you if you have forgotten the task, how and when you want to be reminded. It comes with a smart hub, and multiple buttons can be connected to one hub. You can configure Droplet to alert the other family members if shared chore is forgotten and more. Pre-order: $49.

Clever Gadgets To Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter - Droplet

Ozmo Smart Cup: This smart cup measures your water and coffee intake. Its app sends you notifications when you forget to stay hydrated. It also syncs with your wearable devices. Buy Now: $80.

Clever Gadgets To Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter - Ozmo Smart Cup

Angee: Angee is a truly autonomous home security system that provides you with a 360° view of your home, voice recognition, at-the-door identification, motiondetecting rotation, advanced learning, cordless portability and more. Setting it up is easy, just unbox it, connect it with your smartphone, place security tags at entry points around your house, and you are good to go. In event of power failure, its built-in power source enables it to sustain power, and it sends you a notification and continues monitoring. And if your WiFi goes offline, it notifies you and continues to record any activity at home, on its local storage. It's compatible with Apple, Android, and now Pebble OS. Pre-order: $312 .

Clever Gadgets To Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter - Angee

Jamblaster: Jamblaster is a smartphone attachment for musicians that lets you play live, in sync with other musicians from different locations remotely. You can record high quality audio, broadcast live video performances, teach or take lessons, and more. It's perfect for rehearsals without space or travel. Its Jamtracks lets you access 4,000+ of your favorite songs to learn and play along. It's compatible with iOS and Android devices. Buy Now: $299.99.

Clever Gadgets To Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter - Jamblaster

Ilumi: Ilumi smart bulbs are intelligent and are capable of doing much more than just changing the colors. These smart bulbs enhance your life, ramp up your music, improve your sleep, and connect your whole home. Its capable of sensing your smartphone proximity and turn on and off your lights automatically. With these smart bulbs you have world of color at your fingertips, provides vacation security by turning your lights randomly on and off, and you can sync it with Spotify and experience your music like never before. You can schedule your lighting, comes with long-range Bluetooth mesh for control of 1-50+ bulbs at a go, and requires no hub or Wi-Fi and more. A19 Ilumi Smartbulb - Buy Now $59.99 and BR30 Ilumi Smartbulb - Buy Now $69.99.

Clever Gadgets To Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter - Ilumi

Aumi: Aumi is a smart night-light that you can control from your smartphone. It's a Bluetooth enabled, portable, multi-colored nightlight that provides over 16 million color options. You can use your smartphone to set a timer for your night-light, adjust its brightness, and change notification settings. Pre-order: About $25 (C$35).

Clever Gadgets To Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter - Aumi

Evoz: Evoz is a smart baby monitor specifically designed for busy parents to stay connected with their baby. It features a wide angle HD camera that connects via Wi-Fi, and using its app you can keep an eye on your baby on your smartphone. It notifies you when your baby is crying, plays lullabies to calm your baby, tracks baby data and provides temperature alerts. You can even control your baby's nightlight and talk to your baby when you are away. Buy Now - $199.

Clever Gadgets To Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter - Evoz

Mynt: Mynt is a versatile multi-purpose smart button. This durable track-mote has an open SDK kit, new functions can be added through simply updating the smartphone app and requires no hardware change. Buy Now: $39.99.

Clever Gadgets To Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter -  Mynt

Schwinn CycleNav Bike Navigation: The Schwinn CycleNav is a smartphone powered bike navigation that's compatible with both iOS and Android (4.1 or later) and provides you with turn-by-turn spoken and visual directions. Buy Now: $50.

Clever Gadgets To Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter - Schwinn CycleNav Bike Navigation
Wearsafe: Wearsafe is a wearable personal safety device that instantly alerts, informs and connects your most trusted network with the press of a button. When activated, an alert is sent to your contact list with your location, speed of travel, and streaming audio. It has a range of up to 200 feet and is compatible with your smartphone. Buy Now: $39.

Clever Gadgets To Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter - Wearsafe

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Feb 8, 2016

15 Best Off Grid Power Gadgets.

Collection of 'Best Off Grid Power Gadgets' from all over the world for your off-grid living.

Kalipak: The Kalipak is a lightweight, portable energy generator that uses foldable solar panels. It's capable of recharging smartphone, cameras, laptops and other USB devices while at the same time provides up to 60 hours of continuous power for portable area lighting. It features four USB ports to recharge up to 4 devices simultaneously. It weighs 600Wh/13 lb. and 400Wh/10 lb. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and lets you control and monitor the energy levels of the device. It can transform into a weatherresistant comfortable backpack for easy transporting. Pre-order: $599 - $999.

Best Off Grid Power Gadgets - Kalipak

Kraftwerk: Kraftwerk is your very own portable power plant; this innovative handheld recharger is capable of powering your gadgets (supported by the USB standard like smartphones, cameras, flashlights, and more) when you are off-grid. Its one filling provides energy to recharge an iPhone 11 times. You can refuel Kraftwerk with campinggas. Buy Now: $299.

Best Off Grid Power Gadgets - Kraftwerk

ET-Stone: The ET-Stone is a solar power bank with a lamp and flashlight. It can recharge your gadgets outdoors and provides light when you need. It features a 3100 mAh power source, high quality solar panel (2.75V / 550mAh), 360-degree rotating kickstand and a lamp with 3 intensity levels. Buy Now: $67.

Best Off Grid Power Gadgets - ET-Stone

Tegstove: This smart portable stove cooks, recharges and stores energy on demand. It incorporates the latest innovation in Thermoelectric Generator Technology. It uses Butane and is capable of recharging mobile phones, GPS devices, and more via 5 volt USB. It stores energy for use when you need it and begins recharging as soon as you light it. Pre-order: $218.

Best Off Grid Power Gadgets - Tegstove

Eton FRX3 Handpowered Recharger: FRX3 is a solar and winding powered AM, FM, weather radio with clock. It also features a built-in USB smart phone recharger. Buy Now: $45.99.

Best Off Grid Power Gadgets - Eton FRX3 Handpowered Recharger
Candle Recharger: This innovative recharger lets you recharge your devices using water and a candle. This compact power plant provides on-demand electricity for USB devices when you are off-grid. Pre-order: $89.99.

Best Off Grid Power Gadgets - Candle Recharger

Solar Paper: Solar Paper is a paper thin and ultra lightweight solar recharger that can be placed comfortably inside your note or planner. Pre-order: $50 - $300.

Best Off Grid Power Gadgets - Solar Paper

Cinch: Cinch is an easy to set up tent that comes with solar power and lighting. The solar power pack (optional) can recharge your USB gadgets; it sits on the roof of the tent. Its waterproof, features superflex fiberglass poles, double-taped seams, side windows, full tent length storage pockets and more. The kit includes two lanterns, four light tent pegs, 20 light reflective guylines, two canopies, and more. It has lots of space, has two entrances and is available in 2, 3, and 4-person capacity. Buy Now: $217.55 onwards.

Best Off Grid Power Gadgets - Cinch
BioLite BaseCamp Stove: The BioLite BaseCamp uses branches or small pieces of firewood to work. It transforms heat into useable electricity via a thermoelectric generator. It provides 5W of electricity via a standard USB port. You can cook your meals and recharge devices all at the same time. Buy Now: $299.95.

Best Off Grid Power Gadgets - BioLite BaseCamp Stove

Flamestower: The Flamestower is a compact device that uses a thermoelectric generator to recharge your smartphone, camera, GPS or any other USB-connected device while you cook your food. Buy Now: $99.99.

Best Off Grid Power Gadgets - Flamestower

Sunnycase: This solar case for iPhone 6 will keep your smartphone juiced up all the time without the need of a power outlet. It features a rugged design, integrated solar power meter, dual panel design for faster recharging, 2000mAh power source, flipcase design that doubles as a stand, front facing speaker channel that almost doubles the sound output and more. Buy Now: $ 99.

Best Off Grid Power Gadgets - Sunnycase

Strongvolt: This smart recharger features solar tracking technology that provides constant recharge for your iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Buy Now: $49.99 - $159.99.

Best Off Grid Power Gadgets - Strongvolt
BioLite Kettlecharge: The BioLite Kettlecharge provides off-grid power using heat and water. It recharges smartphones, camp lights, GPS and other USB powered devices by using 10 watts via USB. Buy Now: $150.

Best Off Grid Power Gadgets - BioLite Kettlecharge

Suncache: The Suncache is a flexible solar recharger that can recharge multiple devices directly using solar energy, store power away for the future use or perform both functions simultaneously. Buy Now: $124.95.

Best Off Grid Power Gadgets - Suncache
Solar Recharging Kit with Inverter: The Sherpa 50 Solar Recharging Kit with Inverter by Goal Zero is compact, lightweight and has a rugged design; it powers your laptop and other gadgets and can be expanded as per your recharging needs. Buy Now: $387.86

Best Off Grid Power Gadgets - Solar Recharging Kit with Inverter
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Feb 6, 2016

15 Coolest Gadgets For Your Living Room.

Collection of 'Coolest Gadgets For Your Living Room' from all over the world.

Olive One: The Olive One is world's first all-in-one HD music player that plays all your music through one simple touch-screen interface. It plays your favorite music services like Spotify, Deezer and Pandora or music from your iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Buy Now: About $779 (€ 699) - $1001 (€ 899).

Coolest Gadgets For Your Living Room - Olive One

Knocki: Knocki is a smart device that makes any surface interactive. It attaches to any surface, comes with built-in WiFi, can perform multiple tasks and control multiple devices. Use Knocki to send a text, turn on the lights, change the TV channel, shuffle music and much more or rather to control the world around you. You can use app for iOS and Android to set-up and monitor each Knocki. Pre-order: $79.

Coolest Gadgets For Your Living Room - Knocki

Homey: Homey is speech-controlled home automation that allows you to talk to your home to control everything from lights to music, from climate to TV. Here are a few things that Homey can do. Your lights fade, your thermostat is set to a comfortable level while your favorite music is streamed to your receiver when you get home. The curtains are opened, your morning tune is playing on your stereo while the weather for today and your e-mails are being read to you when you wake up in the morning. The curtains are closed, lights dimmed, music fades out and the TV is set to the correct channel and your media center plays the movie when you want to watch a movie. When there is no one in the house, the Homey turns down the heat, switches all your lights and devices off to save energy. And Homey makes sure that your front door is locked. Pre-order: $ 333 (€ 299).

Coolest Gadgets For Your Living Room - Homey

Cloudantenna: Cloudantenna allows you to watch and record 600+ Live TV channels; it saves you $1,000+ per year. This next generation device combines a TV antenna with the power of cloudcomputing. It allows you to play your favorite shows anytime, anywhere, in your home, in your backyard, even on vacation. It lets you record to your harddrive or USB. Apart from this you can also access the Internet with 4G speeds with addon 4G LTE USB stick. As its designed with Linux OS and integrates the Android platform, it gives you access to Google Play store with 1.8 millions of apps for your entertainment. Depending on location, the number of channels varies; in United States you get 20-100 channels (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, THE CW), Europe, UK has over 80 channels, and more. Pre-order: $199.

Coolest Gadgets For Your Living Room - Cloudantenna

Gramofon: Gramofon is a smart device that turns your sound system into a WiFi music player. You can stream music wirelessly from your favorite music services, Internet radio stations and music stored locally. Just connect it to your home network and sound system, use your smartphone as a remote. You can play different music on each speaker around the home or play the same music on every speaker around the home. You can set it up as a wireless extender. Buy Now - About $66 (59€).

Coolest Gadgets For Your Living Room - Gramofon

Prizm: Prizm is an intelligent device that plays the perfect music on your speakers, based on people in the room and the context. It turns your speakers into a learning music player; it remembers your habits and learns about your preferences, the more you use it, the more smart it gets. It streams music directly from the Cloudserver, removing the need of a phone or a computer. All you need to do is install its app on your smartphone, connect your music accounts (Spotify or Deezer or Soundcloud), and connect your speakers. You can listen from your library or playlists or random music. Invite only - About $166 (149 €).

Coolest Gadgets For Your Living Room - Prizm

Ivee: Ivee is a voice-activated assistant that turns your home into a smart home. It lets you control your smart home devices (Belkin WeMo, Philip's Hue, Logitech Harmony, SmartThings, Wink, and more), connects to services (Uber, Spotify, and more), set alerts and reminders, and more. It's compatible with iOS and Android. Pre-order: $99.

Coolest Gadgets For Your Living Room - Ivee

iON: iON is a light show for your living room that responds to music, connects to your smartphone, and brightens your day. It features 40 multicolor lights, each of which can display a color independent of the others. You can control it with your smartphone (app compatible with Android and iOS smartphone), and also interact with it by touch. It features a built in microphone, syncs up with your favorite songs and puts on a show. Its capable of emulating the weather conditions outside, and alert you with notifications of your text messages, emails, incoming call and more. Buy Now: $199.

Coolest Gadgets For Your Living Room - iON

Koto: These smart cubesensors monitor your indoor conditions and lets you know when to make simple improvements that will keep your home and family healthy. Pre-order: $139.

Coolest Gadgets For Your Living Room - Koto

Sentri: Sentri is a smart home security system that gives you visibility and control of your home from anywhere. It features a HD video camera, night vision, microphone, speaker, motiondetector, lightsensor, accelerometer and more. It gives you a 360-degree view of your home and is also capable of measuring and displaying your home's temperature, humidity levels, and air quality. It's capable of learning from you and adapts to your personal preferences. Its real-time alert system alerts you of any irregularities that matter to you and your home. It connects to other smart devices and allows you to control them, all from one single destination. Use its app on your smartphone to remotely lock your door or know the stats and trends of your home. It requires no professional installation service, just plug in, power on, and connect to your home's WiFi network. Buy Now - $249.

Coolest Gadgets For Your Living Room - Sentri

B.One: B.One is a smart home system that allows total control of your security, ambience, entertainment and wireless mobile recharging from a single hub. It features Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, GSM/GPRS, IR and Qi recharger, 8 GB internal storage, 48 hours of power backup and an easy to use app. Pre-order: $119 - $209.

Coolest Gadgets For Your Living Room - B.One

Smart Light by Witti Inc: It connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth and notifies you with a different color of light when you receive an incoming call, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook update, IFTTT notifications, etc. Buy Now: $49.99.

Coolest Gadgets For Your Living Room - Smart Light by Witti Inc

Amazon Echo: This smart device is always on and connected to Wi-Fi; all you need to say is the wake word, "Alexa" and it lights up and streams audio to the cloudserver running on Amazon Web Services to get you information, music, news, weather, and more. The more you use it, the more it adapts to your speech patterns, vocabulary, and personal preferences. This voice control device features seven microphones below its light ring that uses beamforming technology to hear you from any direction, and can hear you ask a question even while it's playing music. Its Bluetooth enabled and streams your favorite music services like Spotify, iTunes, and Pandora from your smartphone. And its dual speakers create 360° omni-directional audio to fill the room with immersive sound. Buy Now: $149.00.

Coolest Gadgets For Your Living Room - Amazon Echo

Listnr: Listnr is a communication device that allows you to interact with your surrounding by sound. It connects to the cloudserver and using the API, you can control and update internet-enabled devices including iPhone. It's advanced audio processor makes it understand emotions from sounds; its capable of identifying the different sounds coming from a baby and gives you a visual notification. Buy Now: About $144.

Coolest Gadgets For Your Living Room - Listnr

JmGO G1 Smart Hometheater Projector: The JmGO G1 3D projector features a native resolution of 1280x800 pixel and 4K ultra HD video playing, supports Wi-Fi and wired Internet connection, USB2.0+3.0, RJ45, AV In, HDMI and Audio+S/PDIF. It also features built-in speakers, runs on Android 4.3, and comes with a remote control. It gives you 300 inches display and a cinematic-quality viewing experience within the comfort of your living room. Buy Now: $549.99.

Coolest Gadgets For Your Living Room - JmGO G1 Smart Hometheater Projector

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