Sep 19, 2014

15 Smart and Awesome Baby Monitors.

Collection of 'Smart and Awesome Baby Monitors' from all over the world to keep you informed that your precious little bundle is safe and sound.

Owlet Baby Monitor: The Owlet Baby Monitor keeps you updated with your baby's health via your smart phone.

Smart and Awesome Baby Monitors (15) 1
Withings Smart Baby Monitor: The Withings Smart Baby Monitor lets you monitor your little one from anywhere using an app on your iOS or Android device. It features a 3-megapixel-camera with 4x zoom, 2 microphones and more. You can watch the baby day or night in high resolution; it monitors and lets you know about noises, temperature, and humidity; you can even speak, play lullabies, and when the ambient light decreases, the night mode automatically comes on.

Smart and Awesome Baby Monitors (15) 2
BT Digital Baby Monitor and Pacifier: The Baby Monitor Pacifier features a projected lightshow, MP3 connection, HD-sound, talk-back and a wider range of lullabies.

Smart and Awesome Baby Monitors (15) 3
Digital Baby Video Monitor: This Digital Baby Video Monitor features talk to baby two-way communication and night vision mode.

Smart and Awesome Baby Monitors (15) 4
Uberwatcher: Uberwatcher is a portable baby monitor that works everywhere with your smart phone.

Smart and Awesome Baby Monitors (15) 5

BabyPing Baby Monitor: The BabyPing connects to your home Wi-Fi network and streams audio and video of your baby to your iOS device.

Smart and Awesome Baby Monitors (15) 15
Philips Avent SCD525 Baby Monitor: It comes with lightweight and portable cordless parent unit and can be clipped to your belt, and has a range of 330m of roaming. If features audio monitor, two way communication, temperature monitoring, remote activated night lights and remote activated lullabies.

Smart and Awesome Baby Monitors (15) 6
Belkin WeMo Baby Monitor: The Belkin WeMo Baby Monitor works with your existing home Wi-Fi router and wirelessly streams audio from your baby's room to your mobile device.

Smart and Awesome Baby Monitors (15) 7
Oma+ Clip-On Portable Baby Monitor: The portable monitor makes out even when the baby moves slightly; it alerts you with a loud beep if no change is detected for more than 20 seconds.

Smart and Awesome Baby Monitors (15) 8
iBaby M3 Baby Monitor: You can control the direction of the camera using notebook or iOS devices. If features two way communication, and allows you to take still photos.

Smart and Awesome Baby Monitors (15) 9
MonBaby Smart Monitor: MonBaby is a baby monitor that looks like a button sends information about your baby's breathing to your smartphone.

Smart and Awesome Baby Monitors (15) 10

Motorola Video Baby Monitor: The Motorola Video Baby features a clear 3.5" color screen with quality resolution, includes twin camera set (for twins), two-way communication, expandable vision, tilt and zoom capabilities and night vision.

Smart and Awesome Baby Monitors (15) 11
Tomy Digital Baby Monitor: The Tomy Digital Baby Monitor features an audio monitor, room-temperature display, two-way talkback, lullabies and remote-controlled nightlight with adjustable brightness.

Smart and Awesome Baby Monitors (15) 12
Summer Infant Slim and Secure Digital Audio Monitor: This compact audio monitor has a range of 400' and comes with dual receiver.

Smart and Awesome Baby Monitors (15) 13
Tomy Digital TD300 Baby Monitor: It comes with 120 channels with a range of 350 meters; the parent unit can be clipped to your belt, has two way talk-back, remote controlled nightlight, temperature monitoring and sound level light display alerts you when your baby needs you and when the volume is off.

Smart and Awesome Baby Monitors (15) 14
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Sep 18, 2014

15 Smart Clip On Products and Designs.

Collection of 'Smart Clip On Products and Designs' from all over the world.

Sunglasses Clip: Glasses clip provides a cool place for storing your sunglasses in your car.

Smart Clip On Products and Designs (15) 1
Klitch Footwear Clip: The Klitch Footwear Clip allows you to attach your shoes and other footwear to the outside of your bag.

Smart Clip On Products and Designs (15) 2
Dipclips: These Dipclips are mini bowls that clips onto your plates and keeps your dips separate from the food on your plate. Fill them with your favorites: like salsa, dressing or condiment and attach it to the side of your plate.

Smart Clip On Products and Designs (15) 3
Gripclip: It is a piece of plastic that clips onto your glasses and holds a pen or pencil.

Smart Clip On Products and Designs (15) 4
Trygger Clip-on iPhone Polarizing Filter: The Trygger Camera Clip-on for iPhone 5/5s is a polarizing filter that allows you to manage difficult lighting conditions and lets you make your best photos.

Smart Clip On Products and Designs (15) 5
Glass Clips: These clip on to your plate and hold your glass while leaving your hands unblocked.

Smart Clip On Products and Designs (15) 6
Clip On Light: The clip light can be attached to hats, glasses, book edges and more; perfect for reading enthusiasts.

Smart Clip On Products and Designs (15) 7
Drinklip Cup Holder: This coffee cup holder clips on to the side of a table or desk.

Smart Clip On Products and Designs (15) 8Clip On Strainer Spout: It clips to skillets and bowl, holds ladles and is used for pouring liquids; its spout, strainer and spoonrest in one.

Smart Clip On Products and Designs (15) 9
Brimlit Clip-On Hat Light: Brimlit is flexible and lightweight light that clips easily and securely onto nearly any hat, or visor brim. Its perfect for illuminating outdoor nighttime/early morning tasks around the campsite, in garage, or fishing while not blocking your hands.

Smart Clip On Products and Designs (15) 10
PowerSpurz Light Heel Clips: The PowerSpurz Light Heel Clips on to your shoes and keeps you safe and visible while you're training outdoors by glowing in a bright orange light.

Smart Clip On Products and Designs (15) 11
Bowl Dipclip: It clips on to your bowl and lets you have your favorite dips with ease.

Smart Clip On Products and Designs (15) 12
Windrider Reflective Bike Clips: These cool bicycle clips glows in the dark and keeps you safe and visible to others.

Smart Clip On Products and Designs (15) 13
Portable Water Heater: This portable concept water heater clips to the side of your cup and heats your drink, while the indicator light glows when the water reaches an ideal temperature.

Smart Clip On Products and Designs (15) 14
Clip On Computer Mouse: It has a 'C' shape and is made from flexible material, that allows it to clip on to your laptop.

Smart Clip On Products and Designs (15) 15
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Sep 17, 2014

15 Best and Useful Holders - Part 6.

Collection of 'Best and Useful Holders' from all over the world.

Baggler: This unique device allows you to manage and move your bags with ease. It keeps the handles secured without getting entangled or items falling out of the bags, so no falling groceries, and no uneven distribution of weight.

Best and Useful Holders (15) 1Cabina Clothespins Holder: This clothespins holder moves like a cable car and keeps clothespins along the clothesline.

Best and Useful Holders (15) 2
Handleband Bike Smartphone Holder: The Handleband is a universal smartphone holder that securely holds most of the smartphones to your handlebar with or without a case.

Best and Useful Holders (15) 3
Taco Truck Taco Holder: This cool duo of Taco Truck tray, holds your tacos, so they don't tip over and lose any of their delicious toppings.

Best and Useful Holders (15) 4
Car French Fry Holder: This Car French Fry Holder can be placed in the console of your car and it keeps the grease off of your seats.

Best and Useful Holders (15) 5
Rope Bottle Holder: This bottle holder creates a perfect floating illusion; its made from real rope with hidden metal inside that keeps the bottle in air.

Best and Useful Holders (15) 6
Bicycle Bottle Holder: Cool bottle holder that attaches to your bike.

Best and Useful Holders (15) 7
Dragon Device Holder: Its compatible with the iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone (5 and 5S) and is designed to work with Apple wireless keyboard. Its also compatible with other smartphones and devices that are less than 8mm (0.314") thick.

Best and Useful Holders (15) 8
Sparrow Keyring and Key Holder: Simply attach your keys to sparrow keyring and once you're done using them, put the sparrow back in its place.

Best and Useful Holders (15) 9Matchbox Candle Holder: This cool holder holds a candle and also a box of matchsticks.

Best and Useful Holders (15) 10
Dino Corn Cob Holders: These dino corncob holders are the creation of product designer L Filippone.

Best and Useful Holders (15) 11
Lawn Beverage Holder: This lawn beverage holder is specially designed to hold your beverage in the lawn; just push the 7.5-inch post into the ground and it holds your beverage securely.

Best and Useful Holders (15) 12
Strong Man Toilet Paper Holder: Unlike the usual toilet paper holder that holds only one, this Strong Man Toilet Paper Holder holds two at a time.

Best and Useful Holders (15) 13
Glass Holder: With this clever glass holder, your hands wont be blocked.

Best and Useful Holders (15) 14
Portable Cup Holder: The Lugcup is a portable cup holder that easily straps onto bikes, strollers, exercise equipment, luggage, and more.

Best and Useful Holders (15) 15
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