Mar 17, 2018

15 Must Have Kitchen Gadgets To Make Your Cooking Fun.

Who says we can't have fun while cooking? Its up to you to make anything you do more interesting and fun, then why cooking should be any different.

Mushroom Pepper Grinder: The Mushroom Pepper Grinder is a wood grinder with ceramic mechanism and mushroom design. It doubles as a decorative piece for your kitchen and dining table. Buy Now.

Mushroom Pepper Grinder
Fish Waffle Iron: Now who doesn't enjoy eating waffles? If you do, then this waffle iron is for you. You can use it for cooking cichlids fish cakes. Buy Now.

Fish Waffle Iron
Gratiator Cheese Grater: Grating cheese is no fun, but now with Gratiator Cheese Grater, things are sure to be more adventurous right in your kitchen. Buy Now.

Gratiator Cheese Grater
Polaroid Cheese Slicer: Most of us say "cheese" to a camera, and the Polaroid Cheese Slicer takes this to the literal sense. You say cheese for the camera and now you have a camera for your cheese. Buy Now.

Polaroid Cheese Slicer
Rocket's Pourer: The Rocket's Pourer is a Plug n Play solution that works with any standard sized bottle for condiments. Buy Now.

Rocket's Pourer
Guitar Citrus Squeezer: You can squeeze a lemon using a fork, if you don't like to use a fork, then you can always use a lemon squeezer, and when you have thought of using a lemon squeezer then why opt for a boring one when you can have a Guitar Citrus Squeezer? Buy Now.

Guitar Citrus Squeezer
Leaves Pancake Shaper: Do you believe there is a lot to food presentation? Or can we say how the food looks makes a big difference? Well everyone likes his or her food to look good and taste good. So we got a solution for the look - Leaves Pancake Shaper and for the taste you got to improve your culinary skills. Buy Now.

Leaves Pancake Shaper
Pineapple Shaped Cutting Board: The Pineapple shaped Bamboo Cutting Board serves as a cutting and serving board. This multi functional bamboo chopping board is best suited for minor food preparation and as a conversation starter when entertaining your guests. Buy Now.

Pineapple Shaped Cutting Board
Agatha Spoonholder and Steam Releaser: While cooking, if you need to release the steam from your vessels, how do you do? Mostly, we cover the vessels partly, but than that we have a much better solution. The Agatha Spoonholder and Steam Releaser is just the thing you need. Buy Now.

Agatha Spoonholder and Steam Releaser
Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter: The U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 has been on numerous voyages over the years, and now it comes in the shape of a mini pizza cutter to cut your pizzas. Buy Now.

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

Poké Ball Cupcake Maker: The Poké Ball Cupcake Maker lets you bake 4 delicious Poke Balls shaped cupcakes. It consists of two parts that join together to keep the batter in place and gives you a perfectly round cupcake. Buy Now.

Poké Ball Cupcake Maker
Customizable Cookie Stamp: These customizable cookie stamps come with interchangeable letters, numbers, and symbols that provide you with endless possibilities for making your mark on the dessert table. Buy Now.

Customizable Cookie Stamp
Lotus Folding Steamer Basket: The lotus folding steamer basket takes practicality and convenience to new levels and makes things a lot easy. It features self-adjusting sides that allow you to use it with most of your cookware that includes both steel and non-stick ware. When its opened, it has a large capacity and it folds neatly for easy storage. When opened it measures 10-1/2 x 10-1/2 x 5 inches and 6 x 6 x 5-inches closed. Buy Now.

Lotus Folding Steamer Basket

Flower Power Steam Releaser: The Flower Power Steam Releaser is here to give a touch of greenery and fun to your kitchen. It gives you a cheerful way to keep the cover of the cooking vessel open so steam can vent. And what more the flower petals will spin occasionally when heat is on. Buy Now.

Flower Power Steam Releaser
NASA Kitchen Apron: The space explorers don't need a kitchen apron, or do they? But you do need one for cooking, don't you? The NASA Kitchen Apron is just the thing you need. Buy Now.

NASA Kitchen Apron

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Mar 16, 2018

15 Must Have Products for Your School.

Collection of cool products for your class for having some fun while studying.

Moustache Pencil Topper: At times classes can get really boring and this cool mustache pencil topper can give you a little touch of fun right when you need it. Buy Now.

Moustache Pencil Topper
Tentacle Pen: If you are into pen collection then you are sure missing on this cool tentacle pen. Buy Now.

Tentacle Pen
Fish Pencil Case: The Fish Pencil Case looks like a real fish but no worries it wont smell like one. Though other students may find it weird keeping stationary in a fish. Buy Now.

Fish Pencil Case
Drumstick Pen Set: The Drumstick Pen Set lets you write when you need and even gives a solo drum performance, and what more these are kinder on your neighbors too. Buy Now.

Drumstick Pen Set
Doodle Pencil Case: The Doodle Pencil Case lets you color in, personalize and doodle it. It comes with 10 double-ended washout pens, personalize and doodle, then wash and re-use. Buy Now.

Doodle Pencil Case
Burger Sharpener: Next time your pencil gets blunt, you will be more than happy to sharpen it with this cool Burger Sharpener. It comes with Fry Eraser, so if you make a mistake fries are here to erase it. Buy Now.

Burger Sharpener
Mini Mushroom Sticky Notes: The Mini Mushroom Sticky Notes are pocket sized, comes in set of 180 stickies, you can stick these for a small notification or reminder like cookbooks, textbooks, school notes, important notes at work or anywhere else. Buy Now.

Mini Mushroom Sticky Notes
Chewbacca Lunch Bag: Now you have Chewbacca to get you your lunch, this Chewbacca Lunch Bag is an insulated lunch box to keep the contents fresh longer. Buy Now.

Chewbacca Lunch Bag
R2D2 Crayons: R2D2 has always been there for his friend, he is dependable, and trustworthy, and now he comes as crayons for your kid. Buy Now.

R2D2 Crayons
Retro Lunch Box: Digital cameras have changed the world of photography forever; previously it was developing the film and now its transferring the images to your laptop. This cool Retro Shaped Camera Lunch Box looks similar to one of those large cameras of the gone by days. Its perfect for keeping your photographs, letters or even can be used as a school lunchbox for your kid. It measures 6.5 x 2.87 x 7.56 inches and is airtight and easy to clean. Buy Now.

Retro Lunch Box
Harry Potter Theme Notebook: The Harry Potter Theme Notebook is perfect for you to write down your thoughts and its up to you to fill it with secret and interesting contents. Buy Now.

Harry Potter Theme Notebook
Chewbacca Notebook: The Chewbacca A5 notebook features a cool Chewbacca design with fur effect. Buy Now.

Chewbacca Notebook
Cactus Erasers: We ask our kids to avoid thorny plants, but these Cactus Erasers are so cute that kids may want to use them on purpose. Buy Now.

Cactus Erasers
Airplane Stickers: The Clear Paper Airplane stickers are perfect for your books, or accenting your planner. Buy Now.

Airplane Stickers
Polaroid Macbook Decal: Correct us if we are wrong, isn't it true that all Macbooks look the same or for that matter its the same story with any other laptop? Now you can personalize your Macbook with this Polaroid Macbook Decal and make it stand out from the rest. Buy Now.

Polaroid Macbook Decal

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Mar 15, 2018

15 Must Have Pendants for You.

If you are looking for some cool pendants or necklaces then look no further, we have the best pendants from all over the world for you.

Math Necklace: This cute Pi Symbol Necklace made of sterling silver is a perfect way to let the world know about your liking for math. Buy Now.

Math Necklace
Good Bye Old Friend Star Trek Necklace: Good Bye Old Friend Star Trek Necklace is just the thing for any Trekkies. It's an iconic gesture made by Mr. Spock and anyone relating to and with the Vulcan race. It's available in white gold, yellow gold, platinum and sterling silver. Buy Now.

Good Bye Old Friend Star Trek Necklace
Droid Pendant: Remember the mobile space stations featured in the Starwars movies? Now you can have one. Buy Now.

Droid Pendant
Trainer's Pendant: The Trainer's Pendant is a half moon Ruby on top and half moon cubic Zirconia on the bottom. Buy Now.

Trainer's Pendant
Molecule Necklace: The Molecule Necklace is a sterling silver necklace, just the thing for scientists. It's a celebration of creativity. Buy Now.

Molecule Necklace
Starship Enterprising Kinetic Pendant: This cute Starship Enterprising Kinetic Pendant is made with sterling silver and features Topaz. Buy Now.

Starship Enterprising Kinetic Pendant
Circuit Board Necklace: The Circuit Board Necklace is a sterling silver necklace soldered and polished by hand. Buy Now.

Circuit Board Necklace
True Hero Pendant in Diamonds: The True Hero Pendant features white diamonds on the side and black diamonds on the face. Buy Now.

True Hero Pendant in Diamonds
Inner Workings: The Inner Workings is a steampunk style necklace that is sure to look cool. Buy Now.

Inner Workings
Spaceship Necklace: The Spaceship Necklace is made from solid sterling silver and features a gemstone. Buy Now.

Spaceship Necklace
Moon Phases Silver Necklace: The Moon Phases Silver Necklace is a handmade silver moon phases necklace that features 7 moon phases. Buy Now.

Moon Phases Silver Necklace
Spaceship Galaxy Necklace: The Spaceship Galaxy Necklace is handmade, and it's a unique circuit board asymmetric space necklace. Buy Now.

Spaceship Galaxy Necklace
Computer Circuit Board Pendant: The Computer Circuit Board Pendant features a glowing, electric blue circuit board. Buy Now.

Computer Circuit Board Pendant
Tetrominoes Puzzle Pendant: The Tetrominoes Puzzle Pendant is made of multiple parts, works like a puzzle and you can discover a new pattern. Buy Now.

Tetrominoes Puzzle Pendant
Star Trek Insignia Pendant: If you have watched Star Trek then you are sure to appreciate this cool pendant. Buy Now.

Star Trek Insignia Pendant

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