Apr 27, 2015

15 Must Have Gadgets For Living Off The Grid - Part 2.

Collection of 'Must Have Gadgets For Living Off The Grid' from all over the world.

Murakami Chair: Designed by Rochus, the rocking chair's attached lamp is powered by your rocking back and forth. During daylight the energy gets stored.

Must Have Gadgets For Living Off The Grid (15) 1
Voltmaker: The Voltmaker is a small and compact rapid kinetic electricity generator inspired by a ratchet system; ideal for hikers and those who are constantly on the move. It generates a steady source of energy for your smartphone, flashlight or GPS and more.

Must Have Gadgets For Living Off The Grid (15) 2
Solar Curtain: Place this solar curtain on your window, with its base pack attached to the base; it stores the solar energy during the day, and uses it to power your gadgets at night.

Must Have Gadgets For Living Off The Grid (15) 3
Powerpot: It's a portable electric generator that doubles as a cooking vessel. Powerpot transforms the heat you make from any heat source into electricity, using a technology called thermoelectric power generation. You can recharge any USB device (smartphones, digital cameras, lights, head lamps, radios, water purifiers, GPS, and more).

Must Have Gadgets For Living Off The Grid (15) 4
Zegna's Solar Powered Jacket: This cool jackets comes with integrated solar panels; use it to power your mobile gadgets.

Must Have Gadgets For Living Off The Grid (15) 5
Pocket Shower: This cool tiny gizmo unfolds to show a high performance waterproof reservoir that holds ten liters of water. And the black fabric will (given a sunny day) warm the water up in no time.

Must Have Gadgets For Living Off The Grid (15) 6SOLo Lounge Table: The solar powered SOLo lounge table by iF features recharging connectivity for many electronic devices such as laptops and portable media devices, and many more. It uses Bluetooth technology to collect, distribute and exhibit information.

Must Have Gadgets For Living Off The Grid (15) 7nPower Personal Energy Generator: This small device uses the kinetic energy of your walking and turns it into electricity. It can recharge most of the smartphones, MP3 players, handheld devices, GPS, digital cameras, and more.

Must Have Gadgets For Living Off The Grid (15) 8
Power Pump Recharger: It's basically a foot pump, you need to connect it to your mobile phone to recharge; it works by the pump passing air to a recharger that features a turbine, and this turbine then spins and transforms the energy into power.

Must Have Gadgets For Living Off The Grid (15) 9
Dynamo Shaver: With just 1 minute of winding up, you get 1-2 minutes of shaving time.

Must Have Gadgets For Living Off The Grid (15) 10
YoGen Recharger: This portable handheld recharger uses yoyo action to recharge your gadgets.

Must Have Gadgets For Living Off The Grid (15) 11
Solar Powered Water Bottle Cover: This cover can be fixed on standard 2"- water bottles (such as Nalgene, Camelbak and more) and transforms it into a solar-powered lantern.

Must Have Gadgets For Living Off The Grid (15) 12Must Have Gadgets For Living Off The Grid (15) 13Powerbrella: The solar-powered umbrella recharges your laptops, smartphones, iPods or any other portable device that might be used for relaxing or working outdoors.

Must Have Gadgets For Living Off The Grid (15) 14
Solar Recharging Kit with Inverter: The Sherpa 50 Solar Recharging Kit with Inverter by Goal Zero is compact, lightweight and has a rugged design; it powers your laptop and other gadgets and can be expanded as per your recharging needs.

Must Have Gadgets For Living Off The Grid (15) 15
Flamestower: The Flamestower is a compact device that uses a thermoelectric generator to recharge your smartphone, camera, GPS or any other USB-connected device while you cook your food.

Must Have Gadgets For Living Off The Grid (15) 16

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Apr 25, 2015

15 Must Have Home Automation Gadgets - Part 6.

Collection of "Must Have Home Automation Gadgets" from all over the world to make you home smarter.

abode - Real Security and Home Automation: It consists of 5 devices for ultimate protection and flexibility and comes with world's first OS to automate and protect your home, and is built with a focus on the security. The abode 'gateway' is the central component of the system that runs the abodeOS, the 'motioncamera' is a wide-angle wireless camera, 'door/window contacts' allows you to monitor doors and windows, the 'streaming camera' is a Wi-Fi / Ethernet connected camera with full night-vision and wide angle support that provides a live view into your home. The abode system uses the location of your smartphone to automatically activate and deactivate the system. It's capable of supporting over 150 connected devices allowing you to protect your entire home. And its Visual Verification Technology is capable of providing images to you in less than 10 seconds of an event happening. It supports abodeSecure RF, ZigBee, IP enabled, and Z-Wave.

Must Have Home Automation Gadgets (15) 1

Broogs - Smart Lamp: This smart device works as a lantern, speaker, and mobile notification center and much more. Its built-in Bluetooth speaker connects to your smartphone or any other Bluetooth enabled device to play music. It can even recharge your smartphone; the removable lantern lasts up to 4 hours, and you can adjust the level of brightness from 0-100 with a simple touch. It comes with 160,000 integrated light lamps that can change into any color that you want using its smartphone app.

Must Have Home Automation Gadgets (15) 2

Osmos Smart Humidifier: This smart humidifier allows you to control humidity levels right from your mobile device. It notifies you when the water tank needs refilling or filter needs to be replaced. It features a one-gallon water tank that runs up to 24 hours and can effectively humidify room up to 250 square feet. Once the humidity levels are balanced in your room it shuts off automatically.

Must Have Home Automation Gadgets (15) 3
Luna: Luna turns your bed into a smartbed and integrates with your smart home. It learns about your regular bedtime and manages the temperature of your bed for a good night sleep. Its dual zone feature allows you to set different temperatures for each side of the bed. It comes with advanced sleep tracking, that tracks the quality of your sleep including sleep phases and monitors your health conditions without you having to wear anything to bed. It comes with a built-in smartalarm and its sensing technology identifies the correct moment in your sleep cycle to wake you up at your highest energy level. And when you go to sleep, the device makes sure your smart door is locked, smart lightbulbs are turned off, smart thermostats are adjusted for night, and activate your smart security system. And when you wake up, it makes sure your smart coffee machine keeps fresh cup of coffee ready for you.

Must Have Home Automation Gadgets (15) 4

Keecker: Keecker is a smart computer entirely designed for home to share real life moments, share content, and share experiences. It comes equipped with a 360° audio and video camera and a powerful video projection system that moves up and down at 90°. It allows you to project movies and images, listen to music, browse the web, make video calls, home monitoring, create home decoration and more. It turns your wall into screens, your room turns into concert hall, and much more. It's mobile and moves so you can enjoy the highest quality entertainment wherever and whenever you want. Its app is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones.

Must Have Home Automation Gadgets (15) 5

Listnr: Listnr is a communication device that allows you to interact with your surroundings by sound. It connects to the cloudserver and using the API, you can control and update internet-enabled devices including iPhone. Its advanced audio processor makes it understand emotions from sounds; it's capable of identifying the different sounds coming from a baby and gives you a visual notification.

Must Have Home Automation Gadgets (15) 6

Ecovent: Ecovent is a smart thermostat system that allows you to set the temperature in every room individually. Ecovent replaces your existing vents; these wireless vents open and close automatically to send conditioned air where it's needed most. You can adjust your home's settings anywhere, anytime from your smartphone.

Must Have Home Automation Gadgets (15) 7

Bocco: Bocco is a Wi-Fi connected robot that keeps you connected to your family while you are away from home. You can send a voice message from its app, and Bocco will play it back at home. You can speak into Bocco and he'll send a message to other family members' smartphones. Apart from this you can also send a text message from its app, which Bocco will read out loud. You can also install its motionsensor on a door to receive notifications when your kids arrive home from school or when your grandparents head outside.

Must Have Home Automation Gadgets (15) 8

Creek: Creek Wi-Fi clock features home automation and security, smartalarm, baby monitor, 2x fast recharger, location tracking, Wi-Fi intercom, reminder, smart remote control, and temperature meter. It also works with Lark-Wi MU501 Smart smokealarm and MU 505 etc. The basic configuration includes two units that can be expanded to more; using your home Wi-Fi wireless network, these gadgets will be connected together and connected to Internet. Using your smartphone you can control your Creek Wi-Fi clock from anywhere in the world.

Must Have Home Automation Gadgets (15) 9

Plugaway: Plugaway is a simple-to-use, affordable smartplug that allows you to wirelessly control and monitor your home from your smart device. Once you take it out of the box, it syncs with your Wi-Fi network and gives you basic functions. You can put it to use with IFTTT, or build an app.

Must Have Home Automation Gadgets (15) 10

Matey: You need to clamp it to your aquarium and set the schedule and select the amount of the food. And at the right time your fishes will get their food or your can do it using its app on your smartphone also.

Must Have Home Automation Gadgets (15) 11
Habitat Home Automation: Habitat makes home automation simple, secure, and easy to install. Habitat is a smart home automation platform that transforms existing devices into smart connected products. This home automation platform consists of Habitat Park, Habitat Protect, Habitat Learn and Habitat Hub.

Must Have Home Automation Gadgets (15) 12

SmartAC: Thinkeco's SmartAC kit turns your plug-in air conditioners smarter. The smartAC thermostat allows you to set your required temperature, senses the room temperature and will turn your A/C on and off to maintain it. It allows you to customize schedule to automatically turn A/Cs on and off and monitor its energy usage. You can turn your A/C on and off or change the temperature setpoint from anywhere using it's Thinkeco software and smartphone app.

Must Have Home Automation Gadgets (15) 13

Nomiku Sous Vide: Nomiku lets you cook restaurant quality food at home. This Wi-Fi connected sous vide immersion circulator for your kitchen is smaller than the first generation and now clips onto the front of your cookpan. It features a sleek single knob to control the temperature and a larger touchscreen. You can use the Tender app to create and share sous vide recipes with time and temperature directly to your Nomiku. It's compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Must Have Home Automation Gadgets (15) 14

Petcube: Long distance equations rarely work out, so we have this compact gadget for you to stay closer to your dog. It features a built-in wide angle camera that allows you to see your dog, allows you to have a conversation using the speakers and microphone and also has a pointer to bring the fun times and play with your dog. All you need is to plug the mini-USB power adapter and connect to your home Wi-Fi and sign-in with the mobile app on your smartphone and you are good to go.

Must Have Home Automation Gadgets (15) 15

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Apr 24, 2015

15 High Tech Skateboards.

Collection of 'High Tech Skateboards' from all over the world for you to move around in comfort and style.

Chargeboard: This innovative skateboard produces energy when you skate and stores it so you can recharge your gadgets later. It features two dynamos in the rear axles that generate 6V that is changed back to 5V current and gets stored in to a powerbox.

High Tech Skateboards (15) 1

Portable Electric Skateboard: It's a portable and lightweight electric skateboard with top speed of 21 km/h and a range of 10 km, comes with USB port to recharge your gadgets and is Bluetooth smart.

High Tech Skateboards (15) 2

Monolith: The Monolith skateboard comes with in-wheel motors, swappable portable power source, USB port to recharge your remote and power pack through a single wall outlet. Using its USB Connect you can recharge your gadgets, has top speed of 24 mph, range up to10 miles, Bluetooth connectivity, and is weatherproof. Using its app you can view power level, adjust settings, and optimize performance.

High Tech Skateboards (15) 3

MotoTec Wheelman Motorized Skateboard: Its powered by a 2-horsepower, twostroke engine, supports rider up to 250 lbs, capable of reaching speeds 20-25 Mph and more.

High Tech Skateboards (15) 4

Caseboard: This cool electric skateboard features a foldable design, and a brushless motor. It can reach speeds up to 35 km/h and lasts up to 30km on a full recharge. It comes with a rechargeable wireless 2.4G handcontroller with power indicator that lets you know when to recharge your board, forward and reverse mode, fast and slow speed settings, speedometer, light, control power indicator, and horn.

High Tech Skateboards (15) 5

Micro Luggage Scootcase: The Samsonite Micro Luggage Scooter is an innovative luggage which can be used as a means of easy transport within airports.

High Tech Skateboards (15) 6

Quinny Longboard Stroller: The Quinny Longboard Stroller features a a stroller to have fun outdoors with your kid.

High Tech Skateboards (15) 7

Marbel Board: The Marbel Board is lightweight, fast, and easy to use. It weighs only 9.9 lbs, reaches up to 20 MPH and has a 10 miles range on a full recharge. You can control the throttle and braking of the board with its handheld remote or the app. The board's settings can be completely customized through the smartphone app. The app gives you three pre-defined ride modes, control over top speed and acceleration levels, lets you lock and unlock your board, set an alert for low on power, mapping and connect with the community.

High Tech Skateboards (15) 8

Boosted Board: This awesome motorized skateboard lets you control the speed and torque limit to suit your riding and skill level. Its handheld Bluetooth lets you change mode, accelerate or apply the brakes. The board can reach speeds up to 18-22 mph and goes for 6 miles on a full recharge.

High Tech Skateboards (15) 9

Onewheel: The Onewheel is a self-balancing electric skateboard that speeds up when you lean forward and slows down when you lean back. It features a 2000W brushless hub motor, can reach up to 14 MPH, and can go for 6-8 miles per recharge. Its upcoming app connects to Onewheel via Bluetooth 4.0, allows you to select different riding modes, top speed limiting, tracking ride activity through GPS, and sharing with friends, locking the Onewheel, and more.

High Tech Skateboards (15) 10

Zboard 2: The Zboard 2 is a weight-sensing electric skateboard that features a 500W brushless motor, and top speed of 20 miles per hour. All you need to do is lean forward to go and lean back to stop.

High Tech Skateboards (15) 11

Post Modern Skateboard: The Post Modern Skateboard are the annular skates that propel by leaning side to side. You need to place your feet on the two platforms and lean sideways to rotate the rubber wheels that propel you forward. You can easily perform 720° spins, as wheels are not connected.

High Tech Skateboards (15) 15

E Glide Electric Powerboard: The E Glide Electric Powerboard is a multi terrain powerboard, powered by 36 volt, 800 watt motor; an oversize drive belt transmits the power, can go 0-23 MPH in five seconds and allows up to fifteen miles of riding.

High Tech Skateboards (15) 12

Hydroflex: The Hi-Tech skateboards are light, strong and waterproof, features a honeycomb design and comes in 10 unique colors.

High Tech Skateboards (15) 13

Hendo Hoverboard: Hendo Hoverboard is said to be the world's first real hoverboard. Its hover engines induce an opposing magnetic field in the surface substrate below that provides lift, levitating the board off the ground.

High Tech Skateboards (15) 14

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