Jun 23, 2017

15 Most Useful Car Gadgets - Part 8.

In past we have seen lots of smart and tech car gadgets, now we have for you the most useful car gadgets from all over the world to make your ride comfortable.

Tire Traction Mat: The Tire Traction Mat is perfect for those times when your car gets stuck in mud, sand or more, it provides an easy way out. We still remember during one of the outdoor adventures our hatchback got stuck in mud. We actually went too close to the riverbed, though it looked dry, but later when we started the car to return, there it was, the front wheel was just spinning and acceleration for making the messy situation more worse. We tried pushing but it didn't work, then we got some plants and twigs placed them in front of the tire and the mud, this worked out, and the tires made their way out of the mud. Thinking of it, we feel if we had Tire Traction Mat it would have been perfect. So for you we have the Tire Traction Mat that you need to place in front of your car's tire when you are stuck and it gives your tire the grip to drive to safety. Once you place the mats, its innovative cleat design holds into your tire and provides the traction to your drive wheels and allows you to get back on the road instead of spinning. It comes in set of two, works on all vehicles with summer, winter, or all-season tires. It measures 36 inches long, weighs 2.5 lbs, can be easily stored in your trunk. Buy Now: $49.95.

Tire Traction Mat

Smart Rear View Camera: If you are among those who have a bit of an issue while backing up your car or while parallel parking, this is for you. The Pearl RearVision Wireless Backup Camera and Alert System connects with your smartphone and provides you access to wide angle images. The license plate frame features a hidden camera, install it over your license plate and plug it into your car's OBD-II port. Now when you back up the camera, it turns on automatically; open your rear-view camera app on your smartphone to view. This wireless backup camera and alert system provides you with audible and visual alerts when objects, cars and people are in your path. You can dock your smart phone in portrait and landscape in its versatile holder for responsible and handsfree view control. It installs in minutes. Buy Now: $500.

Smart Rear View Camera

Wireless Automatic Car Tent: Do you prefer a shady place for parking your car during a summer day? If yes, please read on. The Lanmodo is an All-in-One Wireless Automatic Car Tent that automatically folds and unfolds with a remote control and provides protection to your car from various elements, it keeps your car cool. It transforms into a beach umbrella when you use it with an extra camping stand. It also transforms into camping tent for up to 7 people, and features a USB port on the car tent, that allows you to recharge your device or plug in lights. The car tent structure is made of fiberglass, installs in about 30 seconds, and its open process takes 8 seconds. Buy Now: $269.

Wireless Automatic Car Tent

USB Car Recharger Tool: The Ztylus USB Car Recharger Tool works as a car recharger and recharges your smartphone in your car, and turns into a life saver in an eventful situation. It comes equipped with a razor-sharp seatbelt cutter and springloaded glass breaker that can be of great use when you need to get out of the car quickly. You can never be over-prepared for an eventful situation, and its good to have such devices that can cover your back. Buy Now: $21.95.

USB Car Recharger Tool

Brush Hero: If you ever noticed that once you clean your car, its wheels and difficult to reach parts are mostly left dirty. Brush Hero is here to take care of the business; it's a water-powered turbine that combines with scrubbing power tools and works along with simple cleaning power of water to clean your car wheels and tough spots. Buy Now: $35.99.

Brush Hero

StopSleep Smart Ring: During long and lonely drives its possible that one can get tired and feel sleepy while driving, and things turn more worse if you had a tough day already. Now we don't want you to fall asleep while driving, after all we care for our readers and so we got StopSleep for you. StopSleep is an the anti-sleep device that you wear it on your finger, and it monitors your awareness and concentration levels and gives out a sound alert or a buzz to wake you up while driving. The device doesn't wait till you nod off while driving instead it gives alerts 5 minutes before you nod off. The device monitors your awareness, your concentration, and more and with that gives an alert at the first signs of drop of your levels of awareness and concentration. Buy Now: $189.

StopSleep Smart Ring

Trapmats - Easy-Clean Dual Car Mats: Trapmats are easy to clean dual car mats that keeps the floor of your car clean. These are two-layered, honeycomb structured car mats that are odorresistant, waterproof, and more and keeps your floor mat clean. The upper layer is made up of honeycomb structured holes, that enable the dirt, dust and more to fall into the lower layer and gets collected within the lower layer. Unlike the ordinary car mats, it prevents the dirt, mud and more from circulating into the air. Pre-order: $49.

Trapmats - Easy-Clean Dual Car Mats

Auto Start Button Bling: Now you don't need to be super rich to have jewels around your start engine button, Auto Start Button Bling is here to take care of the business. It lets you display your luxurious lifestyle to the world to know about your riches, but you know the truth that you haven't paid in the 5 figures for these jewels. Buy Now: $6.98.

Auto Start Button Bling
Fresh Face Personalized Car Air-Fresheners: For those of you who had enough of the tree car air fresheners, we have the Fresh Face personalized car air-fresheners that let you choose a face of your friend or family member or some one special, or any one to customize them. You can choose from five fragrances; these come in a pack of three and you can use up to 3 different photos. Fresh Face car freshener measures approximately 8cm(W) x 10cm(H) x 0.1cm(D). All you need to do is just upload a high quality photo of the face you want on your air freshener and the rest is taken care off. Buy Now: About $16 (£12.99).

Fresh Face Personalized Car Air-Fresheners
Eject Button For Your Car: We have seen the eject button doing its work in so many movies, wont it be cool to have an ejector seat in your car and a cool button that displays what it can do for you? Now we have this cool Eject Button for your car that clearly displays what it will do when pressed, but it isn't a real one, but can be fun to deal with not so smart loud passenger. It plugs into your car's 12 Volt power source. Buy Now: $13.99.

Eject Button For Your Car
Console Vault Safe: The Console Vault is a safe that installs in the center console of your truck, can be used to store things that are important to you. It's made using 12 gauge coldrolled plate steel, features three point locking system, bank vault style hinge latch pins and balanced spring assisted door. Buy Now: $279.

Console Vault Safe

Traction Strap: The Traction Strap is quickly and easily strapped to the drive wheels of a car that is stuck in the sand, mud, and more, and allows you to get back on the road. Once you secure these to your wheels, when the wheels spin to the point where the straps get engaged, it lifts, holds, and moves your car back to stable terrain. Buy Now: $ 49.99.

Tyre Traction Strap

Knight Rider USB Car Recharger: Now how can you forget Knight Rider and Kitt from 1982 TV series? For those who are super rich enough to restore 1982 Pontiac Firebird similar to Kitt, there is no issue, for those who cant and still want to have Kitt's like voice box we have this USB recharger. It comes equipped with 2.1 Amp USB ports, the signature light sequence and audio from Kitt's voice box synced to 11 different audio phrases. It does come with a mute function just in case you want to turn the whole thing off or mute him. Buy Now: $18.

Knight Rider USB Car Recharger
3rd Brake Light: It isn't safe to drive during heavy fog, least you can do is try to be safe while out there. To keep you safe and visible during heavy fog we have this 3rd Brake Light. This light attaches to the back of your car and displays a line on the ground for the vehicles behind you to see your car during heavy fog. Buy Now: $6.99.

3rd Brake light

Solar Powered Air Vent: Its quite normal for most of us to park our car in open, but its during the summer that makes all the difference. You return to your car only to find its too uncomfortable to sit in, cant even hold the steering wheel, and when you turn on the air conditioning its not much of use either as it also takes its sweet own time to cool down. To make things comfortable for such situations we have for you Auto Cool; it's a solar powered unit that keeps you car cool while parked outside by circulating the air. All you need to do is place the unit on the top of your car's window, and it uses solar power to push out warm air from your car. Buy Now: $10.79.

Solar Powered Air Vent

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Jun 22, 2017

15 Best Salt and Pepper Shakers - Part 8.

No dinner table is complete without proper salt and pepper shakers. And lets even assume that it ok not to have salt and pepper shakers on your dining table, then how are you going to season your food? How about a touch of pepper in the soup in the winter? So we can agree that we cant have a dining table without S and P shakers, then why are we supposed to have simple salt and pepper shakers when you have really creative, cool, and interesting salt and pepper shakers out there. So to make things a lot easy for you, we have done the basic work for and selected the best salt and pepper shakers from all over the world. And now it's your turn to choose the best of the best.

Starwars Droid Salt and Pepper Shakers: The Starwars R2-D2 and R2-Q5 Salt and Pepper Shakers are shaped as the cute droids from Starwars universe, comes with rich colors and exquisite detailing. Its an officially licensed set, shakers are made from ceramic and features a plastic stopper in the bottom for refill. These cute droids are here to give you all the seasoning you need in your food. These Starwars shakers measures 3 1/2" high x 3" wide x 2" deep. Buy Now: $11.99.

Starwars Droid Salt and Pepper Shakers

Robot Salt and Pepper Shakers: With these Wind-up Robot Salt and Pepper Shakers you don't need to pass the salt by hand, just wind the shakers and these mini robots will waddle wherever you tell them to. Open its top to fill the salt and pepper, measures 7cm x 9.5cm x 3cm and are perfect to give a touch of fun to your dinnertime. And kids are sure going to like it. Buy Now: $14.

Robot Salt and Pepper Shakers

Lilliput Salt and Pepper Shakers: With these salt and pepper shakers, Lilliput comes to visit your dining table, but these are not the one from Gulliver's Travels. These Lilliput Salt and Pepper Set come from Alessi, and are here to provide the needed seasonings to your food. These come with a magnet that lets you place them on the base or the steel stem to create playful new configurations. These are designed by Stefano Giovannoni; made in Italy, measures 4 1/4 x 2 ¾ and the set includes the salt and pepper shakers and the tray. Buy Now: $44.

Lilliput Salt and Pepper Shakers
Star Trek Starship Salt and Pepper Shakers: We know that Star Trek or its starships needs no intro as these have been an integral part of our lives over the years. So here we have a U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC-1701) and Klingon cruiser to hold your salt and pepper, and to give your food the needed seasoning. These starships are made from stainless steel, comes with a plug in the bottom for refill, are officially-licensed, Enterprise measures 5" long while the Klingon starship measures 4" long, Enterprise weighs 7 oz while the other starship weighs 5 oz. So we are going to fill the Enterprise with salt and the other starship with pepper, but what about you? Buy Now: $29.99.

Star Trek Starship Salt and Peppers
Starwars Empire Salt and Pepper Shakers: From a galaxy far, far away comes these Salt and Pepper Shakers for you. These Starwars Empire Salt and Pepper Shakers take its inspiration from Starwars character's helmets; aren't the real size so you cant put them on your head. These are mini version of those helmets, perfect for your dinner table, and giving your food the needed seasoning. These are made of ceramic with glazed exterior, looks real but only miniature, as these come with perfect detailing and shape of the original ones. For seasoning, just turn them upside down and the force will do the rest. These are officially licensed shakers. Buy Now: About $16.50 (£12.99).

Starwars Empire Salt and Pepper Shakers
Dolly Salt and Pepper Shaker: The Dolly Salt and Pepper Shaker designed by Ross McBride from Normann Copenhagen features a round, feminine design that beautifully combines humorous and original design and gives a touch of style to dining table. This porcelain set measures 4.1" x 3" and weighs 0.3 lbs. Buy Now: $32.

Dolly Salt and Pepper Shaker
Triceratops Salt and Pepper Shakers: Millions of years ago dinosaurs walked the Earth, and now we have for you this miniature porcelain Triceratops Salt and Pepper Shakers for seasoning your food. Unlike the real Triceratops which needs large volumes of plants and real big area to move around, the Triceratops Salt and Pepper Shakers needs to be filled with salt and pepper occasionally or as needed and it will happily roam around on your dinner table whenever you pass the salt by hand. Buy Now: $45.

Triceratops Salt and Pepper Shakers
Hershey's Chocolate Salt and Pepper Shakers: Most of us cant resist chocolates, but this candy shaped salt and pepper shakers that look like oversized Hershey's Chocolate wrapped in chrome paper isn't for eating. Instead the Hershey's Chocolate Salt and Pepper Shakers hold salt and pepper and seasons your food. These measure 2" high and 2" in diameter, made of ceramic with gloss finish exterior, and weighs 2.9 ounces. Buy Now: $8.90.

Hershey's Chocolate Salt and Pepper Shakers
Lochness Salt, Pepper and Oil Shakers: Lochness seems to rise from the depths of the ocean but this condiment set is going to emerge instead from the depths of your dining table every day. The Condiment set made from ceramic, includes salt and pepper shakers and an oil pourer, measures approximately 5.875 by 3.375 by 1.5-inch. It's going to be a fun addition to your dinner table. Buy Now: $22.99.

Lochness Salt, Pepper and Oil Shakers
Footed Salt and Pepper Shakers: Just because these are footed shakers doesn't mean they are going to waddle their way to your food for seasoning, you need to pass them by hand. These shakers have lifelike feet and come with complete ten adorable toes. These are quirky and come with labeled bottom so you can identify the correct dash for your food. These cool salt and pepper shakers are designed by Dylan Kendall. Buy Now: $ 18.

Footed Salt and Pepper Shakers
S+P to Go Salt and Pepper Shakers: The S+P to Go Salt and Pepper Shakers takes its inspiration from the little paper shakers you get with fast food. These ceramic salt and pepper shakers look like oversized versions of those little paper shakers. The little holes on the front side of the ceramic packets gives out salt and pepper. Buy Now: $14.71.

S+P to Go Salt and Pepper Shakers
Swissspice Salt and Pepper Shaker: During winters we mostly find moisture built up in most salt shakers. But with this Salt and Pepper Shaker, you don't need to worry about it. Its humid-proof by design, tested under extreme conditions worldwide, comes from Switzerland. Buy Now: $15.19.

Swiss-Spice Salt and Pepper Shaker
Globe Salt and Pepper Shakers: Polar bear and black bear are here to season up your food. You get two polar opposites, a polar bear and black bear, in a globe to shake things up in your kitchen. These measures 3.25" x 3" x 3" inches and are made of sturdy plastic. Buy Now: $39.41.

Globe Salt and Pepper Shakers
Memory Of Falmouth Salt and Pepper Shakers: These boat shaped salt and pepper shakers are set to bring a breeze of salty air to your home. This tiny boat hides its salt and pepper shaker holes on the side of the inner face. Designed by Takae Mizutani, made in Cornwall, England, takes its inspiration from Cornwall. Available in yellow, blue or brown, made from Earthenware clay, and measures H11cm x W12cm x D7cm. Buy Now: About $51 (£39.95).

boat shaped salt and pepper shakers
Game Controller Salt and Pepper Shakers: If you are among those who cant be away for a minute from your Xbox or PlayStation and more, then this cool Controller Salt and Pepper Shakers is a must have for your dinner table. It's sure to provide you some solace till you return to your Xbox, hopefully. Buy Now: $11.99.

Controller Salt and Pepper Shakers
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Jun 21, 2017

15 Coolest Looking Soaps - Part 7.

Yes we know soaps are supposed to clean you, but who says soaps cant be clever, cute, cool or delicious? If you think otherwise then read on, we are sure to change your opinion.

Donut Soaps: These cleverly designed Donut Soap looks like real donuts, these are available in pink frosted and chocolate frosted, comes in set of 4 (2 pink, 2 chocolate) and each of these donut soap weighs approx .80 oz. Buy Now.

Donut Soaps
Gummy Worm Soaps: The Gummy Worm Soaps look real, comes in set of 16, fruity fragrance, handmade, and weighs a total of about 4 ounces. Buy Now.

Gummy Worm Soaps
Turtle Power Soaps: These handcarved Turtle Power Soaps are perfect for those times when you need to fight the tough dirt and come clean. Buy Now: $6.50.

Turtle Power Soaps
2 Sided Soap: The 2 Sided Soap is a two sided soap that comes with words printed on both sides that let you know what side is supposed to clean what. Buy Now: $6.74.

2 Sided Soap
Dice Soaps: These cool soaps takes its inspiration from dices, are made from food-grade oils, comes in set of 3, and comes with real dice inside. Buy Now: $29.99.

Dice Soaps
Cupcake Soap: The Cupcake Soap looks realistic and even smells real, is handmade from olive, coconut oil and cocoa butter, gently cleans and leaves skin soothed and moisturized. This handmade soap weighs 4-5 oz. Buy Now.

Cupcake Soap
Mini Truffle Soap: The Mini Truffle Soaps look so cute, adorable and delicious, comes scented in butter mints fragrance, and buttery chocolate topped with cinnamon, peppermint, butter and maple syrup. These truffle soaps are approximately .6 ounces. Buy Now.

Mini Truffle Soap
Lollipop Soaps: The Lollipop Soaps look so realistic and even smells so real hope that you don't lick them. These handmade soaps come in set of 10, weighs 1.75 ounces each, has 27 customized colors option and over 30 customized scents options. Buy Now.

Lollipop Soaps
Peanuts Soaps: Peanuts Soaps are real fun, looks realistic, comes in set of 20, and are scented with vanilla fragrance oil. Buy Now.

Peanuts Soaps
Yummy Fruit Pie Soap: This delicious soap is sure to relax all your senses, comes scented with mulberry and lemon fragrance oils. It contains shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter and coconut oil. Buy Now.

Yummy Fruit Pie Soap
Building Block Soaps: The Building Block Soaps are shaped like bricks, handmade, specifically made for kids, comes in set of 3 (red, yellow and blue), and each color has its own unique scent: yellow is lemony, red is more fruity, and blue having a fresh scent. Buy Now: $14.

Building Block Soaps
Football Soaps: The Football Soaps are perfect for football enthusiasts, comes in set of 2, weighs approximately 3oz, and measures approximately 3 1/2"L x 1 1/8"W x 5/8"H. Buy Now.

Football Soaps
Chocolate Chip Cookie Soaps: The Chocolate Chip Cookie Soaps look like real cookies, comes with chocolate chips that are handpainted with chocolate scent while the cookie is scented with life like cookie scent. These come in set of 20, are handmade, and each soap weighs approximately 1 1/4 ounces. Buy Now.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Soaps
Icecream Sundae Soap: The Sundae Soap looks like a real icecream, handcrafted, and weighs 3 oz. Buy Now.

Icecream Sundae Soap
Ring Soap: The Ring Soap can be placed in the hook and remains dry at all times. What more, it doesn't require soap dish and looks cool too. Buy Now.

Ring Soap
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