Dec 9, 2016

15 Best Foodies Gifts Under $50.

Looking for gifts for foodies? Look no further, we have the 'Best Foodies Gifts', and the best part is all these gifts are under $50.

SpreadTHAT!: This heated butter spreader works on the principle of heat transfer, its made from copper alloy, draws heat from your palm and transfers it onto the butter. Buy Now: $19.99.


Citrus Spray: Designed by Lékué, it's an attachment for citrus fruits so their juice can be sprayed onto. Buy Now: $15.

Citrus Spray

Pineapple Slicer and Dicer: This cleverly designed tool peels, slices and dices a pineapple in two simple steps. Buy Now: $19.95.

Pineapple Slicer and DicerSplash Chopping Board: The Splash Chopping Board is cleverly designed to make it stable against the edge of the kitchen counterop; while the vertical dripping can be removed to make a completely flat worktop saver. Buy Now: $10 (£7.99).

Splash Chopping Board
Alli-Grater: Open up his jaws to get to the sharp teeth of the grater and fold backwards to create a steady hold. Buy Now: $8.33.

Alli-GraterCalf and Half Creamer: This pitcher gently reminds us where our cream really comes from! Buy Now: $15.69.

Calf and Half CreamerMunchstaches Cookie Cutter: These cool cookie cutters and stampers are shaped like mustaches. Buy Now: $9.51.

Munchstaches Cookie Cutter
Tea Floatea: Just place the tea leaves inside it and place it in your cup and it floats around till the tea is perfectly steeped. Buy Now: $13.95.

Tea FloateaFrosting Decorating Pen: Decorate your cakes like a professional with this cool decorating pen. Buy Now: $37.91.

Frosting Decorating Pen
Pancake Pen: Mix batters right in the bottle; measurement markings on the side allows you to measure quantities and it can hold 3 cups of batter. Buy Now: $8.45.

Pancake Pen3D Latte Maker: This 3D Latte Art Maker gives milky foam for you to sculpt beautiful creations on top of your coffee. Buy Now: $26.62.

3D Latte Maker
Pepper Popper: It features eight pepper shape wells, can be used on stovetop, grill, campfire or in an oven. With this you can create your own jalapeno appetizers. Buy Now: $19.99.

Pepper Popper
Guitar Shaped Measurements: These cute measurements are based on traditional Russian folk art. Accurately measures from 1/4 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon. Buy Now: $6.99 .

Guitar Shaped MeasurementsDecomat Kit: This Decomat Kit allows you to decorate your cake like professionals. Buy Now: $40.

Decomat Kit
Split Decision Piepan: With this, you can make two pies at the same time, by splitting them in two and using two different fillings. Buy Now: $10.91.

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Dec 8, 2016

15 Best Beverage Gifts Under $50.

Looking for beverage gifts for your family and friends? Look no further, we have the 'Best Beverage Gifts', and the best part is all these gifts are under $50.

Cool Glass: These glasses can hold 2.5 ounces of your favorite beverage. Buy Now: $9.84.

Cool Glass
Tail Spins Drink Stirrers: Simply put this whale-tail stirrer between your palms and give a spin to your drink. Buy Now: $6.17.

Tail Spins Drink Stirrers
Sonic Foamer: The Sonic Foamer uses ultrasonic sound technology to create numerous tiny bubbles into your beverage. Buy Now: $29.99.

Sonic Foamer

Party Plunger Drink Markers: Just stick one of these colorful Party Plunger Drink Markers to the side of your drink, and it doesn't let your drink get all mixed up during a party. Buy Now: $10.

Party Plunger Drink Markers
Koddok: Koddok is a minimalist Grade 5 Titanium opener that features a removable dicecube. Its compact and can be attached to your keychain or placed in your bag or pocket. Buy Now: $30.

RC Cooler: This RC Cooler can hold 6 cans or bottle and icecubes, has a range of 60 feet and works outdoors perfectly. Buy Now: $44.95.

RC Cooler

12 Can Holder Pack: It features 12 insulated can holders and each one holds a 12-ounce can. It keeps your beverages cool, comes with adjustable waist belt and is perfect for tailgating, camping and more. Buy Now: $36.50.

12 Can Holder Pack
Perfectdrink: This cool device features a smart scale and app that lets you choose from hundreds of recipes, follow real-time instructions, and watch as a virtual glass fills on your smartphone. Its app is compatible with iOS and Android smart devices, comes with hundreds of recipes, lets you customize them and make additions too. The app can suggest recipes with the ingredients you have, re-adjusts the recipe if you over pour and more. Buy Now: $49.99.


Colorful Bottlecaps: These bottlecaps are designed to keep the beverages fresh after opening them and also lets you identify your bottle from others. Buy Now: $12.99.

Bevometer: Bevometer tracks your beverages you had with "this time" and over the "lifetime" counter. Buy Now: $14.99.

Colorful Bottlecaps

Spiritsteels: Spiritsteels are smart beverage cooling devices which feature a phase change material that keeps your beverage cooler for a longer time. These are available in three variants and are capable of absorbing 6-10 times as much heat as solid metal or soapstone equivalents. Buy Now: $30 - $80.

Dropcatch - Magnetic Bottle Opener: The Dropcatch is a handcrafted magnetic bottle opener that provides design, durability, and elegance. Buy Now: $ 30 - $ 55.

Dropcatch - Magnetic Bottle Opener
Candispenser: This lets you pour your canned drinks without spilling. Buy Now: $ 17.

Umbra Buddy Bottle Stopper: This bottle stopper comes with six matching glass markers from umbra. Buy Now: $9.95.

Umbra Buddy Bottle StopperKelty Folding Cooler: The Kelty Folding Cooler keeps your beverage cool and also folds for easy transportation. Buy Now: $41.96 - $85.95.

Kelty Folding Cooler
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Dec 7, 2016

15 Best Gifts for Outdoorsmen Under $100.

Looking for gifts for outdoorsmen? Look no further, we have the "Best Gifts for Outdoorsmen", and the best part is all these gifts are under $100.

Kombo Fishing Multi -Tool: The Kombo Fishing Multi -Tool makes fileting your freshly caught fish a lot easy. It comes with a stainless steel knife, with built-in sharpener, and weighted head with 3 stainless steel weights. This compact tool makes clean cuts through your catch and floats in water. Buy Now: $29.95.

Kombo Fishing Multi -Tool

Hobohammock: The Double Hobohammock is 10 ft x 6.5 ft parachute nylon, water and tearresistant camping hammock. It features two ultra strength carabiners, two polyester straps, each one 10 ft long x 1 inch wide and attached pouch for easy, compact storage. Buy Now: $59.

Portable Solar Camping Lamp: The Nuener N1 Portable Solar Camping Lamp comes with adjustable light lamp with 3 brightness levels, solar power bank with USB port for recharging the smartphone and other gadgets when you are in outdoor camping. Buy Now: $98.99.

Portable Solar Camping Lamp
Flapot: The Flapot is camping cookware that features a simple and flexible design which makes it perfect for camping. Buy Now: $50.

Flex Lite Chair: The REI Flex Lite Chair features a deep, comfortable seat, is easy to setup, comes with side pocket for your flashlight, smartphone or book, folds down for easy storage, and light weight; makes it a perfect choice for backpackers. Buy Now: $79.50.

Flex Lite Chair
Firebox Nano: This cool backpacking stove weighs less than 6 ounces, is only 3" wide and folds down to a ridiculously thin .25". It's one of the smallest wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves in the market. Buy Now: $39.99.

Firebox Nano

5-In-1 Multi Purpose Tool: Its lightweight and features variety of tools that you may need on your outdoor adventures. Buy Now: $19.99.

5-In-1 Multi Purpose Tool
Travelmate Kit: The Travelmate Kit is an all-in-one food preparation tool for campers on the go. It features a space saving design, can be used for cutting, chopping and even as a spatula; it takes care of most of your basic meal preparation needs. It also features 4.87 inch blade, its fork doubles as a bottle opener, can opener, flathead screwdriver and grill scraper. Buy Now: $40.51.

Travelmate Kit
Mini Water Filtration System: The Mini Water Filtration System weighs just 2 ounces, can be attached to included drinking pouch, your water bottles, hydration packs, or you can use the straw to drink directly from the water source. It's ideal for outdoor recreation and camping, is small and convenient, its filter is rated up to 100,000 gallons, comes with 16-ounce reusable squeezepouch, 7-inch drinking straw, and cleaning plunger. Buy Now: $14.99 - $165.88.

Mini Water Filtration System
Nite-N-Day Trail Markers: These bright orange and yellow trail marking tags are perfect for your outdoor adventures. These are highly visible during the day and reflect light of your flashlight at night making it easy for you to find your way back to camp. Buy Now: $6.95.

Nite-N-Day Trail Markers
Offroad Waterproof Permanent Matchstick: The Offroad Waterproof Permanent Matchstick is a waterproof reusable match that's perfect for your outdoor adventures. It comes encased in stainless steel and lights up to 15,000 times. Buy Now: $5.25.

Offroad Waterproof Permanent Matchstick
Pocket Survival Kit: The Pocket Survival Kit is developed by Doug Ritter of the survivalist website Equipped To Survive. It comes with howler whistle, signal mirror, compass, firestarter, tinder-quik, waterproof survival instructions, stainless steel utility wire, lens magnifier, heavy duty nylon thread, braided nylon cord, fishing kit, sewing needle, safety pins and more. Buy Now: $29.99.

Pocket Survival Kit

Survival Paracord Bracelet: The Survival Paracord Bracelet is a handy wearable device with 3 meters of paracord and a firestarter. Buy Now: from $23.

Survival Paracord Bracelet

Gerberdime: This compact and lightweight micro tool features 10 tools: stainless steel pliers, wire cutters, a fine edge blade, flathead screwdriver and more. Buy Now: $17.51.

Spyderco Clipitool: The Spyderco Clipitool is a new approach to the multi-purpose pocketknife. It combines high-performance cutting edge with the added convenience and functionality of other tools-like scissors, a serratedblade, or a bottle opener/screwdriver. Buy Now: $23.97.

Spyderco Clipitool
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