May 22, 2015

15 Must Have Tech Gadgets For You.

Collection of 'Must Have Tech Gadgets For You' from all over the world.

SafeWallet: This smart wallet integrates motionsensor, lightsensor, and BLE chipset to make it a secure wallet. If someone tries to remove your SafeWallet from your pocket or bag, your wallet will beep loudly along with your smartphone to alert you. If you happen to leave your wallet behind, your smartphone alerts you. This works the other way too, if you leave your smartphone behind, your wallet alerts you. To locate your wallet use its app to make it ring.

Must Have Tech Gadgets For You (15) 1

Nextear: Nextear is smart ultra-small wireless earphones that connect with any Bluetooth smart device to play studio quality music. It comes with a multi-purpose rechargeable storage case; it can recharge your smartphone, hold 16GB storage, has a built-in Android and iOS recharging cable and a flashlight.

Must Have Tech Gadgets For You (15) 2

Nexpaq: Nexpaq is a smart modular smartphone case that lets you to easily customize, and enhance features to your smartphone through the case. You can mix-and-match from a variety of modules to increase functionality of your phone, like additional power, an amplified speaker, a temperature and humiditysensor, storage, card reader, breathalyzer and more. Available in black or white for iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and Samsung Galaxy S5.

Must Have Tech Gadgets For You (15) 3

Kokoon Headphones: These smart headphones are comfortable enough to be slept in, capable of tracking your sleep and provides comfort with audio that responds to your sleep. The Kokoon Headphones knows how and when to adjust your music as you fall asleep and wake. These headphones along with its app give insight to let you improve your sleep. To increase the levels of comfort, these are shaped to the natural contours of the head while spreading pressure away from the sensitive regions using its patented comfort system. Kokoon Airflow system maintains the acoustic seal yet encourages air circulation about the headphone cushioning to reduce heat and moisture. Kokoon has partnered with Onkyo to bring you these smart headphones. Kokoon is designed to look after your sleep, optimize your ambiance and ensure you have the peace you need to rest.

Must Have Tech Gadgets For You (15) 4

Phree: Phree is a high-resolution mobile input device that lets you write, draw, and annotate on virtually any surface. It connects to your smartphones, smart devices, laptops or any other device with a Bluetooth connection. It's compatible with software and apps like Office, OneNote, EverNote, Acrobat, Google Handwriting Keyboard, Viber and more. What more it works as a headset and has an integrated screen for brief texts. With Phree you can sketch or jot down ideas, notes, thoughts, email addresses and phone numbers whenever you want.

Must Have Tech Gadgets For You (15) 5

Wekey: Wekey is a 10.1" wireless keyboard for smart devices. It weighs 160g, 2.5mm thick, can be used anytime, anywhere. Its tough, waterproof, on a full recharge can last for 3 months (avg. 4 hours a day). It supports multi device connect, upto 3 devices and it will remember which device and OS it's connected to match the OS's keyboard layout.

Must Have Tech Gadgets For You (15) 6

Linka: Linka is a smart bike lock that unlocks as you approach your bike. It recognizes you securely through your smartphone; to lock it, simply tap the button and a 9mm hardened square steel ring automatically locks your bike making it impossible to ride away. It also features a 3-axis accelerometer, 100 dB sound alert, sends notification to your smart phone using Bluetooth 4.0 and you can enter your customized 4-digit pass code if you don't have your smartphone along with you to unlock your bike. Its compatible with Android and iPhone smartphones and even if your bike is lost you can count on the other Linka riders to track your bike.

Must Have Tech Gadgets For You (15) 7

Orphe: Orphe is a smart-shoes system designed for artists and performers to enable new forms of expression. It features motionsensors and lights that functions both as a customizable lighting system and a musical instrument/audio-visual controller.

Must Have Tech Gadgets For You (15) 8

WAY: WAY is a personal skincare companion that collects real time data from your skin and surroundings and provides skincare tips on your smartphone.

Must Have Tech Gadgets For You (15) 9

GoGlove: GoGlove is a wearable wireless Bluetooth remote that lets you interact with your smart phone without even taking it out of your pocket. It uses AirTap technology to control your smartphone. You can control your music, apps, camera, and GoPro® right from your fingertips.

Must Have Tech Gadgets For You (15) 10

Axel: The Axel modular headphones lets you choose from three different soundscapes. And before choosing your soundscape, you can use the web application powered by Spotify to recommend one for you. With the headphones, get three interchangeable headband inserts to listen to your favorite music.

Must Have Tech Gadgets For You (15) 11

Pulseplay: Pulseplay is a smart wearable device that functions as scorekeeper, announcer, ranking system and more. It's designed to work seamlessly with all racquet sports.

Must Have Tech Gadgets For You (15) 12

Personal Cloudstorage: It lets you turn your local storage into cloudstorage for all your devices. Setting it up is easy, connect the power adapter and connect it to your home network and next is scanning its customized pattern on its back with its app. Now you need to connect harddrives or USB drives and you have your personal cloudstorage ready which can be accessed by you from anywhere in the world. For data security it uses 256-bit encryption, is compatible with Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows devices. With this, taking backup of your files from various devices to any connected hard drive is simple and easy.

Must Have Tech Gadgets For You (15) 13

SmartPlate: SmartPlate is an intelligent plate that instantly tracks and analyzes everything you eat. It identifies, weighs, analyzes and journals what you eat. It comes with iOS/Android app that integrates with most wearable devices and food journaling apps.

Must Have Tech Gadgets For You (15) 14

Tye*: Tye* is a mobile security system that can be used as a mobile alert, virtual lock, and tracker. The system adapts to your needs, and can be plugged into your electronic device, used as a virtual lock for your suitcases, briefcases or sport equipments, and as a tracker for your dogs or cats. The system consists of a hub, a remote and an adjustable USB cable; these can be used in various combinations as per your requirement.

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May 21, 2015

15 Tech Gadgets For Auto Enthusiasts.

Collection of 'Tech Gadgets For Auto Enthusiasts' from all over the world.

GoFar: GoFar is a smart device that makes you drive smart and save your money. For every engine speed there is an optimum throttle that maximizes your power and minimizes your fuel usage. GoFar finds it and provides you with real time data that lets you save money on fuel. Its capable of analyzing your driving patterns, informs you the best time to go out and automatically logs your drives. The device is quite easy to install too and doesn't distract you on the road.

Tech Gadgets For Auto Enthusiasts (15) 1

Smartrim: The Smartrim is a smart wireless parking assistance system that detects objects on the side as your vehicle nears the curb. It alerts you using its smartphone app and protects your car and wheels.

Tech Gadgets For Auto Enthusiasts (15) 2

Vehicle Registration Plate Changer: The Vehicle Registration Plate Changer features a hidden flipping mechanism and provides installation of two car numbers. Just with a press of a button the plate rotates 180 degrees, changing one number into another in 1,2 seconds.

Tech Gadgets For Auto Enthusiasts (15) 3

Loxet: Loxet is a smartphone controlled proximity lock and ignition access control. It automatically unlocks the car as you approach it and locks as you leave. If someone makes an unauthorized access to your car, the car will only start when Loxet allows. You can give access to the car to anyone you choose, exactly for a period of time you want. Its compatible with Android 4.3+ and iPhones equipped with Bluetooth 4.0.

Tech Gadgets For Auto Enthusiasts (15) 4

Fuel Book: Fuel Book is a plug and play device that turns your car into a smart car. All you need to do is plug it into OBD-II connector of your car, install its app on your smart phone and you are good to go. Before you run out of fuel, based on your car's status it alerts you and also display nearby ATM's and Fuel Stations. It's capable of analyzing the issue with the car, and generates an approx. cost evaluation for solving the problem. If you are traveling in a group, then you can use its tag feature that lets you know who are trailing behind and who are ahead. It works as a black box that records your driving speed, gear shifts and breaks every second. This can be of use if there is an issue; it even notifies the registered number along with the GPS coordinate through an SMS. Based on its Social Terrain Mapping, it notifies you to slow down when nearing a speed breaker and gives a sound alert if traveling at a speed of 60 kmp or more during nighttime. Apart from these, it has backend driver analysis feature that gives smart notification in event of another Fuel Book powered vehicle nearing you; park track feature allows you to pin point the exact location of where you parked last, open doors/trunk of your car and start your car's engine all from a tap on your phone.

Tech Gadgets For Auto Enthusiasts (15) 5

CarVi: CarVi is a smart driving assistance that monitors your driving habits and keeps you safe on the road. It uses a small dashboard camera installed in your car that "talks" to your smart phone, while the CarVi analyzes the data in real time and issues audible and visual alerts if it senses any potential issue. It device monitors your laneposition, distance from the driver in front of you and more. It learns about your driving habits and its app provides you with data and improves your driving skills.

Tech Gadgets For Auto Enthusiasts (15) 6

EE Car WiFi: Designed specifically for car, van or caravan use; it plugs into your car's 12V connection, and allows you to connect up to 10 devices to it via WiFi.

Tech Gadgets For Auto Enthusiasts (15) 7
Universal Car Flip Sunvisor: It clips on your existing sunshade and can be used during the day as well as night; the transparent gray one shades the day light while the yellow one blocks the car lights at night.

Tech Gadgets For Auto Enthusiasts (15) 8
Car Side Mirror Shade: A clear side mirror is always better for a safer driving experience; this shade is specially designed for keeping the side mirrors clear to provide a clearer rear view.

Tech Gadgets For Auto Enthusiasts (15) 9
SignalBoost: SignalBoost strengthens your cellphone reception and provides much better coverage even when you're traveling in remote areas where only a weak signal is available. This car kit features a magnetic base antenna and holder for your phone.

Tech Gadgets For Auto Enthusiasts (15) 10
Lubricheck Motor Oil Tester: Just a few drops of oil is needed to be placed on the Lubricheck from a dipstick and it instantly tells you the condition of your oil and engine. It can detect engine problems before expensive repairs are needed and works on synthetic or standard motor oils.

Tech Gadgets For Auto Enthusiasts (15) 11
Alcosense Digital Breathalyser: This breathalyzer has been designed to be as easy as possible to use.

Tech Gadgets For Auto Enthusiasts (15) 12
Universal Magnetic Phone Holder: The Okra Universal Magnetic Vent Car Holder is perfect for your iPhone, Galaxy, HTC One and other smartphones and GPS devices. It attaches to car's AC vent securely and safeguards your device while driving and gives quick access to your smartphone on the road.

Tech Gadgets For Auto Enthusiasts (15) 13
Clek Foonf Kid Car Seat: Now take babies along for the ride safely and in comfort with Clek Foonf Kid Car Seat.

Tech Gadgets For Auto Enthusiasts (15) 14
Handpresso Auto Set: The Handpresso Auto Set is an espresso machine for the car, comes with two unbreakable cups and a towel and is powered through a car adapter.

Tech Gadgets For Auto Enthusiasts (15) 15
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May 20, 2015

15 Must Have Gadgets For Smart Travel.

Collection of 'Must Have Gadgets For Smart Travel' from all over the world.

Woolet: Woolet is a smart wallet that keeps your cash and cards safe. Its ultra slim, Bluetooth-powered, self-recharging and combines the best of technology with skilled handcrafting. It syncs with your iOS and Android smartphone, and in alerts you if you leave your wallet behind. It lets you specify any distance between 20-85 feet (6-25m) to get automatic alerts. Use the built-in distance tracker or get it to ring with the tap of a finger to find it. Your phone automatically records the last location it saw your Woolet. If you happen to loose it, you can activate the Woolet crowd detection network, and others with Woolet will start scanning for your wallet and once they get within range, the GPS location is instantly updated to your phone.

Must Have Gadgets For Smart Travel (15) 1

Briefpack Utility XL: The Briefpack Utility XL is a smart utility briefcase designed for busy professionals and adventurers. It transforms into three different styles based on your requirement. A briefcase for your daily work that takes everything you need: a 13" to 17" laptop, any sized iPad, electronics, books and all your cables, and everything you need for your day of work. You can transform it into backpack when you are tired of holding a bag. It can be easily attached to your luggage and transforms into a carryon, it meets all the size requirements for any flight in the world, The luggage style pouch can hold supplies enough for a day or two.

Must Have Gadgets For Smart Travel (15) 2
Bocco: Bocco is a Wi-Fi connected robot that keeps you connected to your family while you are away from home. You can send a voice message from its app, and Bocco will play it back at home. You can speak into Bocco and he'll send a message to other family members' smartphones. Apart from this you can also send a text message from its app, which Bocco will read out loud. You can also install its motionsensor on a door to receive notifications when your kids arrive home from school or when your grandparents head outside.

Must Have Gadgets For Smart Travel (15) 3

Barracuda: Barracuda is foldable hardside carryon that features a built-in tray, GPS, ergonomic swivelhandle and a USB recharger.

Must Have Gadgets For Smart Travel (15) 4

PluGO: PluGO is a portable powerstrip with a self-wrapping feature that lets you simultaneously recharge multiple devices in any country.

Must Have Gadgets For Smart Travel (15) 5

Bag Tag Smartphone Recharger: The Sulan Bag Tag has a built-in rechargeable power bank to juice up your smartphones. Its compatible with Micro USB smartphones and iPhones, and its 3000mAh power bank is capable of 1.5 full recharges of a Smartphone.

Must Have Gadgets For Smart Travel (15) 6
LaCie Fuel: the LaCie Fuel With 1TB of wireless storage lets you store 1000+ movies or thousands of photos, songs and documents, and access them on your iPad, iPhone, or Mac. On a full recharge it last upto 10-hours and lets you enjoy content all day, without needing Internet or cables.

Must Have Gadgets For Smart Travel (15) 7
Magellan's Travel Vest: This lightweight, travel-savvy vest features five exterior and three interior pockets to keep essentials safe and ensure easy airport security checks. Its made from pre-washed Supplex® nylon that's windproof, fast-drying and stainresistant, and comes with moisture-wicking mesh lining.

Must Have Gadgets For Smart Travel (15) 8
Dolfi: Dolfi is a next generation washing device that uses ultrasonic technology to clean your clothes. Its gentle on clothes yet tough on dirt. To make it work, all you need to do is put your clothes in water along with laundry detergent, Dolfi, and switch the device on.

Must Have Gadgets For Smart Travel (15) 9

WEZR: The WEZR is a smart device that provides real time, present and ultra local weather forecast on your smartphone. All you need to do is attach it to any of your devices, jacket, backpack, ski pole and you can track the weather on your smart phone. Its app is compatible with Apple iOS and Android devices.

Must Have Gadgets For Smart Travel (15) 10

BookBook Travel Journal: The BookBook Travel Journal from Twelve South is a hardback leather case that holds your iPad and all the other stuff that go around with it. Inside you have a collection of pockets and adjustable bands for neatly organizing and protecting items like your power adapter, cables, USB drives, stylus, mouse, earbuds or high-end headphones.

Must Have Gadgets For Smart Travel (15) 11
Cotton Carrier Strapshot: The Strapshot locking system keeps your camera secured right in front and its instant release mechanism lets you access the camera with a simple twist.

Must Have Gadgets For Smart Travel (15) 12
Real Book Safe: The Real Book Safe is a clever safe disguised as a book, keeps your prized possessions secure and safe.

Must Have Gadgets For Smart Travel (15) 13
Keycharge: The Keycharge is an all-in-one keychain backup power source that can power up your smartphone or USB device whenever you need that extra bit of juice.

Must Have Gadgets For Smart Travel (15) 14
USB Wall Recharger: This USB wall recharger by TYLT comes with a built in portable power source that allows you to recharge your smartphone on the move.

Must Have Gadgets For Smart Travel (15) 15
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