Mar 29, 2017

15 Best EDC Flashlights.

Collection of 'Best EDC Flashlights' from all over the world for you.

Slughaus Flashlight: This tiny flashlight that measures just 10.5mm x 30mm, weighs only 6 grams and produces 15 lumens of light surely redefines EDC. It's sleek, minimal, and comes in a beautiful design; can be attached to your keyring and powers on/off with a simple quarter rotation on the head. Designed with aerospace-grade aluminum, it illuminates in any weather and is available in three-color options. Buy Now: $15.

Slughaus Flashlight

Pixel Keychain Flashlight: The Pixel is designed for hard-use EDC and is compact enough to attach anywhere. Comes with durable stainless steel construction, 25 lumens, and simple twist on/off. Buy Now: $35.95.

Pixel Keychain Flashlight
Keychain Flashlight: This super-bright keychain flashlight is small and features a unique quick-release mechanism. Buy Now: $59 - $79.

Keychain Flashlight

Lumen: Lumen flashlight doesn't require any external energy source except your warm touch. It uses the heat of your body to power itself using thermoelectric generator. More info.


Helioslight: The Helioslight keychain flashlight brightens up to 1100 lumen and comes with runtime use of 8 hours. It uses ultrastrong neodymium magnet in the back that allows you to affix your flashlight to any steel surface. More info.


Keystak: This key organizer features a built in flashlight. More info.


LightMan: This versatile pocket light includes six powerful neodymium magnets, a heavy-duty clip, and a retractable reel. More info.


Thumb-Lite: The adhesive Thumb-Lite is small yet powerful, it sticks onto practically anything and its compact design provides an easy way to turn anything into a flashlight. Buy Now: $10.

Cord Lock Flashlight: The stainless steel spring lock securely clips to cord on your hoodie, backpack, sleeping bag and more. About: $ 7(£5.99).

Cord Lock Flashlight
Streamlight Keymate Flashlight Keychain: The Streamlight Keymate Flashlight features machine aircraft aluminum casing in titanium, lasts up to 96 hours and weighs .9 ounce. Buy Now: $9.04.

Streamlight Keymate Flashlight Keychain
Sparkr: Sparkr is a multi-functional tool that features a flashlight / lantern and more. More info.


S1 Titanium Flashlight: The S1-Ti flashlight features 4 adjustable output modes plus a strobe mode and a variable-output range. Buy Now: $89.95.

S1 Baton Titanium Flashlight
mPower Flashlight: It gives 180 lumens of light and comes with a reserve power backup, which can hold its full capacity for up to 20 years. It also features a USB port for powering your other gadgets. Buy Now: $289.

mPower Flashlight
Firefly 2.0: Firefly Flashlight 2.0 is crafted from titanium and comes with replaceable tritium inserts. What makes this one stand out? It's a flashlight you can always find in the dark. The tritium inserts can glow non-stop for more than 20 years. Measures 97 mm, weighs 67 grams, comes with pocket clip and four brightness settings. More info.

Firefly 2.0

Fogo: This smart flashlight features a built-in GPS, digital compass, an accelerometer, 2-way radio, is text enabled, has USB recharger and more. It comes with 1000 Lumens, intelligent lighting, is waterproof and durable. It's easy to find in the night, just move around and it lights automatically. It comes with power saving mode for backpacking and automatically turns on every 15 minutes to log in your location. It also functions as fitness tracker, and works as advanced bike computer with built in light, radio and recharger. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It allows you to connect with your friends via off the grid text message, built-in walkie-talkie, and sharing your location and other data. Buy Now: $299.99.


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Mar 28, 2017

15 Must Have Bedroom Gadgets.

Collection of 'Must Have Bedroom Gadgets' from all over the world.

Smartduvet: Smartduvet is a self-making bed system that makes your bed easily. All you need to do is use its inflatable sheet between your duvet and cover. Once activated, it inflates the air chamber and puts your duvet and sheets back in their place. You can use its app to preset a different bed-making time for each day of the week. Buy Now: $199.

Smartduvet is a smart bed light that automatically turns on when you get out of bed and walk. So no more walking in dark to the bathroom, you get an illuminated floor as soon as you get out of bed. Buy Now: $59.97.

SmartShaker: The SmartShaker is an app enabled bed alarmshaker that wakes you up from deep slumber. It connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone, and lets you set time and date and choose to be woken by buzzing, alarmtone or both. Place it under your pillow, and when it buzzes to wake you up, others aren't disturbed. Buy Now: $19.99.


DreamMe: DreamMe uses a special optical system and shows the information from your smartphone right onto your roomceiling. Use its app to choose different categories of information to be displayed and appropriate placement. Now its up to you to display a clock, weather report, count sheep to fall asleep and more. Buy Now: About: $27 (24.95 EUR).

Avealight: It lets you control ambience of your bedroom from your smartphone or smart devices to create a carefully crafted settings with subtly changing light. Buy Now.


Ikea Wireless Rechargers: The Ikea Wireless Recharger makes recharging simple; the built-in recharging spots, rechargingpads, and wireless recharging units can be placed where you need them the most. That means no more chasing after outlets or hiding messy cables. Buy Now.

Ikea Wireless Rechargers

Dyson Pure Cool Link Air Purifier: The Dyson Pure Cool Link Air Purifier comes wrapped with a 360 degree, vacuumsealed glass Hepa filter. It features intelligent purification that automatically monitors, reacts and purifies and reports on its app. It also features a nighttime auto mode that monitors, reacts and purifies, while using the quietest settings. Buy Now: $424.82.

Dyson Pure Cool Link Air Purifier
Universal Cellphone Holder: The Universal Cellphone Holder holds your phone securely right by the bed and lets you see who is calling or texting without reaching over. It comes with patented recharging cord holder that keeps the cord stay put. All you need do is place its panel under the mattress and your phone is within your reach. Buy Now: $20.

Universal Cellphone Holder

Cyrano: Cyrano is a scent speaker that plays scent like a sound speaker gives out music. You can control it using its app on your smartphone. Buy Now: $65.

Cyrano scent speaker

Dyson V6 Mattress Vacuum: The Dyson V6 Mattress cleaner keeps your mattress clean and healthy. Buy Now.

Dyson V6 Mattress Vacuum
Heated Blanket: The Heated Blanket gives the warmth you need during the night while resting comfortably and comes with a controller with 10 heat settings and 10-hour auto-off function. Buy Now: $35.99.

Heated Blanket
Smart 2 in 1 Night Light and Dual USB Wall Recharger Station: It's a cool combination of nightlight and USB recharger. It automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn. It features dual USB ports with 2.4A output for recharging your smart gadgets. Buy Now: $15.99.

Smart 2 in 1 Night Light and Dual USB Wall Recharger Station
Massaging Bed Rest: The Massaging Bed Rest features built-in massager, light, side pockets to keep magazines, books, and more, and built-in cup holder. Buy Now: $99.99.

Massaging Bed Rest
Temperature Control Mattresspad: The smart Temperature Control Mattresspad lets you cool or warm your bed just the way you like it. You can control it using its wireless remote or base unit and adjusts in 1-degree increments from 46° F to 118° F. Buy Now: $449.

Temperature Control Mattresspad
Nora: Nora is a smart snoringsolution that not only makes you sleep better but also makes life better for those around you while sleeping. All you need to do is place the insert under the pillow, Nora Bedsider - listener close to your bed. Nora Bedsider activates the mini pump in the case and inflates the insert in the pillow to open and relax your muscles. Buy Now: $279.


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Mar 27, 2017

15 Best Heated Jackets.

Looking for heated jackets to keep you warm outdoors? Look no further; we have the 'Best Heated Jackets' from all over the world.

Ravean Down 2.0: Ravean Down 2.0 is an ultimate heated jacket that features back/chest/glove/pocket warmers, gloves with heated fingers, batterylife gauge, mobile recharging, breathable underarm flex panels, ripguard outershell, DWR waterresistant shellcoating, hydrophobic down, reflective inner aluminum coating, new controller, a new heatedhood option, and more. Reserve Now: $299.

Ravean Down 2.0 heated jacket

Redder Heated Jacket: Redder Heated Jacket is a light, comfortable jacket that comes with integrated heating system to keep you warm anywhere. It features auto off, 3 heating levels, 3 heating areas, and more. It's waterproof and breathable; comes with YKK zippers and multi purposebattery that also recharges your smartphone and other portable devices. More info.

Redder Heated Jacket

Cleo Heated Jacket: Cleo is a perfect jacket for adventurous women that at the press of a button heats up so you stay warm whatever the weather is. It features a 100% safe heating system and has self-regulating temperature so it can't overheat. What more with this jacket your phone won't run out of juice, whenever it's running low, just recharge it using the jacket. Reserve Now: About $158 (£130).

Cleo Heated Jacket

Fuelwear Jacket: The Fuelwear Jacket comes with smart heated base layer, features intelligent heating system, smart temperature control, power level indicator and more. It's constructed from an ultra comfortable bamboo fabric; heating elements are integrated into the fabric, two in the front and one in the back. It's fully washable and gives superior heating performance. It's perfect for your winter outdoor activities. More info.

Fuelwear Jacket
Heacket: Heacket is a durable heated jacket that lets you maintain active lifestyle in frigid conditions. Its powered by a strong, flexible heated panel, and comes equipped with three controlled heating zones. Its outershells are built with durable fabrics that are wind and waterresistant. Pre-order: $129.

Heacket durable heated jacket

Cordless Heated Jacket: The Cordless Heated Jacket comes with carbon fiber electric heating, three heating zones on front and back, three temperature settings and 4400 mAh. It's perfect for mountaineering, climbing, hiking or outdoors. Buy Now: $107.

Cordless Heated Jacket
Flexwarm Smart Jacket: Flexwarm is a smart climate control jacket that intelligently adjusts to keep your temperature perfect. All you need to do is set your preferred temperature from the iOS or Android App, and your jacket will automatically adjust the heating levels to maintain a constant internal temperature. It uses two integratedsensors to measure the temperature inside the jacket, and the temperature outside the jacket. More info.

Flexwarm Smart Jacket

Heated Motorcycle Jacket Liner: The Venture Heat's Motorcycle Deluxe Heated Grand Touring Jacket Liner heats up in under 10 seconds and is best suited for any motorcycle rider taking on the elements. It comes with an integrated wireless controller thats easily fixed on a vehicle for simple and safe microclimate control with 3 heat settings. Its micro-alloy fiber heating elements are placed around the entire back, around the collar, both sleeves and both sides of the chest for best heating performance. Buy Now: $ 299.99.

Heated Motorcycle Jacket Liner

G-Tech Heated Hoodies: The G-Tech's Generation 2 - Cotton and Hydro-Thermal Heated Hoodies are designed to give you instant heat. The hoodies come embedded with G-Tech's Thermagrip heat technology; its heated internal grabbar provides direct and instantaneous heat to your hand. Its Hydro Thermal Moisture Wicking is waterresistant and retains heat 50% better than cotton. Its Heatcapture Technology maximizes efficiency and retains heat within the front pouch when your hands are in use, with a simple press down the fabric does the rest. These come with three heat settings and are machine washable. These are perfect for winter outdoor activities such as fishing, camping, snowboarding/skiing, and more. More info.

G-Tech Heated Hoodies

Narvik Jackets: Narvik Jackets are solar-powered smart jackets that heat you up by 18 degrees Fahrenheit over 2 minutes and keeps you warmer longer. These jackets features ThermalTech a smart fabric that's specially coated 100% stainless steelmesh which heat up rapidly using solar or body heat. Its designed to prevent overheating of your body, is waterresistant and machine washable. Buy Now.

Narvik Jackets

Bosch Softshell Heated Jacket: The Bosch PSJ120M-102 Men's Softshell Heated Jacket features three heat zones, two on the front and one on the back, three level heat controller, and runs up to 6 hours on low setting. It features windresistant design, comes with adjustable sleeves and waist. It features pockets for your smart phones and other things and two hand pockets. It also features an USB recharging option for your portable devices. Buy Now: $199.01.

Bosch Softshell Heated Jacket
Dewalt Heated Jacket: The Dewalt DCHJ060C1-L Heated Jacket features four heating zones, light controller with 3 temperature settings + pre-heat function, five pockets, routing ports for USB cable for recharging your smartphone, adjustable sleeves and waistline, and waterresistant polyester outershell. Buy Now: $189.99.

Dewalt Heated Jacket
Makita Cordless Heated Jacket: The Makita DCJ200ZXL Cordless Heated Jacket features three heat zones, two on the front and one on the back, 3 heat settings, on/off heat controller with 3 light indicators, and four pockets - zippered chest pocket and side pockets (left and right), sleeve pocket. It comes with removable zip off sleeves that quickly transforms the jacket into a vest. It also features a USB power port to juice up your portable gadgets on the move. Buy Now: $174.99.

Makita Cordless Heated Jacket
Intelligent Leather Jacket: The Iilation Jacket said to be the world's first heated leather jacket that heats the shoulders, back, neck, and more, comes with integrated Bluetooth, handsfree set (microphone and speakers) and smartphone recharger. Buy.

Intelligent Leather Jacket

Heated Jacket Ultra: The Heated Jacket Ultra looks like a regular coat, but feels like a heated blanket. It's made from natural silk cotton on the inside and weatherproof polyester on the outside. It features four heat settings, recharges in 1.5 hour, features rechargeable, removable hoodie, and heats up to 108f within 60 seconds. Buy Now: $144.99-$205.95

Heated Jacket Ultra
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