Jun 30, 2015

15 Smart Healthy Eating Gadgets.

Collection of 'Smart Healthy Eating Gadgets' from all over the world especially for health conscious readers.

Countertop: Countertop is a smart kitchen system that shows you how to eat right and gets most out of your appliances. It works with devices you already own, like your Vitamix blender, Crockpot slow cooker and fitness trackers like Jawbone's UP, and gives you delicious meal recommendations. As you prep your ingredients using Countertop, it automatically logs exactly what you are eating and lets you know how your food affects you. It also learns what you like and don't like, what ingredients you're likely to have and gets better and smarter over time, which means meal recommendations get more precise.

Smart Healthy Eating Gadgets (15) 1

Neo Smart Jar: The Neo Smart Jar turns your kitchen into a smart one. All you need to do is fill up Neo with ingredients and access them from anywhere. The Neo app suggests recipes based on ingredients you already have. It uses real-time measurement to keep track of nutrition and syncs with your fitness devices. It gives you information on calories, fat, carbs, and protein. Neo keeps track of your ingredients, provides freshness alerts, works with Amazon and supports on iOS and Android smartphones.

Smart Healthy Eating Gadgets (15) 2

Preppad: This smart food scale gives you real-time insight of the food you eat. Working with Countertop app, its compatible with iPad 3 and 4, iPad mini and iPad Air.

Smart Healthy Eating Gadgets (15) 3

Penguin: Penguin is an organic food safety checker that checks for elements in your food in an easy and fast way.

Smart Healthy Eating Gadgets (15) 4
SmartPlate: SmartPlate is an intelligent plate that instantly tracks and analyzes everything you eat. It identifies, weighs, analyzes and journals what you eat. It comes with iOS/Android app that integrates with most wearable devices and food journaling apps.

Smart Healthy Eating Gadgets (15) 5

Smart Kitchen Assisstant: It is a voice-controlled assistant designed to assist you in the kitchen. This smart kitchen assistant lets you gain culinary knowledge in more natural and intuitive ways. It provides step-by-step instructions for recipes and explanations of methods and techniques that let you cook better. You can also request recipes by ingredients, nutritional facts, and much more. It also analyzes the composition of food in order to provide detailed nutritional information about recipes that allows you to eat better.

Smart Healthy Eating Gadgets (15) 6

Drop: Drop is a Bluetooth kitchen scale and recipe app that works as an excellent digital baking assistant. All you need to do is just choose one of many tasty interactive recipes and Drop guides you step-by-step, suggests substitutions, and updates your shopping list. It also alerts you on your smartphone when your delicious treat is done.

Smart Healthy Eating Gadgets (15) 7
Vessyl: This smart cup analyzes liquids and tells you what beverage you are having by name. It also tells you its dietary content, such as sugar, protein, calories, fat, and more; it synchronizes them to your smartphone..

Smart Healthy Eating Gadgets (15) 8
SITU Smart Food Nutrition Scale: This smart scale weighs your food in calories and nutrients; in grams and ounces. It features a Bluetooth chip that talks to your iPad or Android devices.

Smart Healthy Eating Gadgets (15) 9

Milkmaid: The Milkmaid gives you notifications on your smartphone when your milk goes bad, about the quality of milk or if the milk is left out for too long.

Smart Healthy Eating Gadgets (15) 10
Peres: Peres is an innovative portable "electronic nose" that enables you to determine the quality and freshness of beef, pork, poultry and fish. To use the device, simply direct it towards the food product and click a button. Using Bluetooth, it transmits data to your smartphone, displays detailed results with recommendations regarding the safety of the product. It's ideally suited for people who want to make sure they and their family use the best quality products.

Smart Healthy Eating Gadgets (15) 11

Smart Knife: Electrolux's touch screen kitchen knife is a rechargeable knife that tells you how fresh your food is, nutritional value and more. It comes along with two options - voice recognition or touch screen.

Smart Healthy Eating Gadgets (15) 12
TellSpec: TellSpec is a handheld device that tells you about the nutrients, calories, ingredients and more in your food. It provides a fast and simple way to learn what's in your food; it uploads the spectrum to its analysis engine where its analyzed and the information is then downloaded and displayed on to your smartphone.

Smart Healthy Eating Gadgets (15) 13

HAPIfork: It's a smart fork that monitors your eating habits.

Smart Healthy Eating Gadgets (15) 14
Salt Meter: This Electronic Salt Meter analyzer uses conductivity test to measure the salt concentration in liquid food and indicates on 7 light indicator scale.

Smart Healthy Eating Gadgets (15) 15
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Jun 29, 2015

15 Essential Outdoor Clothing.

Collection of 'Essential Outdoor Clothing' from all over the world for your outdoor adventures.

Weatherproof Jacket: This weatherproof jacket is armored, made from 100% polyester canvas with a polyurethane coating on the reverse and weighs 3 kilograms.

Essential Outdoor Clothing (15) 1
3-Season Weatherproof Trouser: This weatherproof trouser features a fifth pocket for gadgets and anti-sprocket leg openings.

Essential Outdoor Clothing (15) 2
Heated Jacket: The 13 Hour Heated Jacket features three temperature settings; it provides warmth for up to 13 hours of continuous heat on the lowest level to four hours on the highest.

Essential Outdoor Clothing (15) 3
Mountaineering Pants: These Mountaineering Pants are tailored for mountaineering; it features the 3-D-Bionicsphere sweat management system that works along with your body's natural cooling mechanism and assists with temperature.

Essential Outdoor Clothing (15) 4
Patagonia Houdini Jacket: The Patagonia Houdini Jacket features a durable, waterproof, and light nylonshell that blocks the wind and cool air while letting your body breathe. When not in use you can compress it into a tiny, packable pouch for storage.

Essential Outdoor Clothing (15) 5
O'Neill NavJacket: 'NavJacket', is a snowboard jacket that comes with a built-in GPS navigation system.

Essential Outdoor Clothing (15) 6
Burton Ronin Jacket: This jacket comes with an integrated digital camera, removable insulated vest, 3-layer lamination, handwarmer pockets and an oversized pocket on the upper back.

Essential Outdoor Clothing (15) 7
Solar Jacket Recharger: This is a cool combination of fashion and technology. It's a solar power station to keep your smartphone, portable media player, notebook computer, digital camera, and other portable gadgets fully powered while you are working outdoors.

Essential Outdoor Clothing (15) 8
Transformable Jacket: This creative transforming jacket performs three distinct functions of jacket, backpack and pillow.

Essential Outdoor Clothing (15) 9
Scottevest QUEST Vest: This cool vest features 42 pockets to take along all your things along with you. It also features RFID-Blocking Pocket to protect your credit cards and passport; PackPocket is huge, exterior back pocket that has the storage capacity of a small backpack; Multiple Power Pockets that features patented Personal Area Network that allows you to wire power packs from just about any pocket to just about any other pocket; Easy Access Panels are huge panel pockets which are accessible from the exterior front of the vest, with interior organization to get to your gear quickly and hoodie which is stowable in the collar.

Essential Outdoor Clothing (15) 10
Zegna's Solar Powered Jacket: This cool jacket comes with integrated solar panel, use it to power your mobile gadgets.

Essential Outdoor Clothing (15) 11
Magellan's Travel Vest: This lightweight, travel-savvy vest features five exterior and three interior pockets to keep essentials safe. Its made from pre-washed Supplex® nylon that's windproof, fast-drying and stainresistant, and comes with moisture-wicking mesh lining.

Essential Outdoor Clothing (15) 12
Snorkel Reversible Jacket: This jacket features a tartan plaid exterior with two oversized handwarmer pockets and a full zip front. On the other side it features blue nylon with diagonal zippers and a drawstring lower hem.

Essential Outdoor Clothing (15) 13
Scottevest's Plus Jacket: The jacket utilizes a patented Personal Area Network for wire management, with 26 hidden pockets with zippers and magnetic closures. Other cool features include PadPocket™ to hold your iPads.

Essential Outdoor Clothing (15) 14
Willow Reversible Poncho: This Willow Reversible Poncho by Portland-based Poler is made of a DWR coated 2L material (waterproof rating of 10,000), is reversible into two different colors which are equally waterproof either way.

Essential Outdoor Clothing (15) 15
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Jun 28, 2015

15 Essential Gadgets While Traveling With Kids.

Collection of 'Essential Gadgets While Traveling With Kids' from all over the world for making your travel with kids more comfortable and enjoyable.

Lugabug: Lugabug is kid's travel chair that provides an exciting way to cruise through the airport without falling behind or getting tired feet. It attaches to your suitcase in seconds without taking up extra space. It's recommended for kids 2 years and up with a weight limit of 70 lbs.

Essential Gadgets While Traveling With Kids (15) 1

Fugu Luggage: This smart suitcase can transform from a carryon to a full-size check-in, act as a closet, a table and more. At a press of a button the built-in electric pump activates and the luggage expands to the size of a maximum carryon or a maximum check-in. It also features foldable built-in shelves that enable the suitcase to double as a storage unit. Its height and width makes it ideal for use as a portable table or can be utilized for a variety of purposes. It comes with a removable laptop case that doubles as a laptop stand. And what more, it doesn't weigh significantly more than the average suitcase.

Essential Gadgets While Traveling With Kids (15) 2

FlyeBaby Infant Travel Seat: The FlyeBaby Infant Travel Seat makes traveling with your baby much easy. This hammock type seat can be used on an airplane or attached to a dining room chair. It can be used on an airplane during the cruise portion of the flight. It features a 5-point harness system to keep your baby safe and supports up to 25 lbs.

Essential Gadgets While Traveling With Kids (15) 3

Napwell: Napwell is created for you to nap more efficiently. The Napwell's built-in timer tracks your nap, and shortly before you are ready to wake up, the inside of the mask turns luminous and gradually lights up to emulate a morning, waking you up at your needed time naturally.

Essential Gadgets While Traveling With Kids (15) 4

Bedpak: This smart backpack holds everything you need and transforms into a comfortable sleeping mat.

Essential Gadgets While Traveling With Kids (15) 5

AirCrib: This portable inflatable travel crib is the perfect solution for families on the go.

Essential Gadgets While Traveling With Kids (15) 6
Steripen: This portable water purifier makes your water drinkable; it purifies 16 Ounce of water in less than a minute and it can filter up to 50 times on a single recharge.

Essential Gadgets While Traveling With Kids (15) 7
Self-Heating Food and Beverage Container: Designed by Nicolas Bernal, it features a high performance dynamo that makes it possible to heat food in minutes. Pour the contents into the container and press the button; the light indicates when the food or beverage reaches the optimum temperature.

Essential Gadgets While Traveling With Kids (15) 8
Foldable Bottle: Now you don't have to take along heavy bottles for outdoor sports, this foldable bottle is compact and quenches your thirst.

Essential Gadgets While Traveling With Kids (15) 9
HeatStick: Just place this gadget into your beverage container to heat it up.

Essential Gadgets While Traveling With Kids (15) 10
Pacifi: This smart pacifier monitors your baby's temperature and sends the data to an app on your iOS or Android smartphone.

Essential Gadgets While Traveling With Kids (15) 11
Travel Cup: The travel cup holds 16 ounces of your favorite beverage or soup etc., and keeps them at perfect temperature no matter where you are. It comes with both USB and a 12V car adapter, so in the office you can connect it to your laptop, and in your car connect it to 12V outlet and have your beverage at its best.

Essential Gadgets While Traveling With Kids (15) 12
Comfy Baby Holder: The Comfy Baby Holder doubles up as a holder and features the subtle motive of providing privacy.

Essential Gadgets While Traveling With Kids (15) 13
TellSpec: TellSpec is a handheld device that tells you about the nutrients, calories, ingredients and more in your food. It provides a fast and simple way to learn what's in your food; it uploads the spectrum to its analysis engine where its analyzed and the information is then downloaded and displayed on to your smartphone.

Essential Gadgets While Traveling With Kids (15) 14

Sauna Boy Humidifier: This mini USB powered humidifier is compact and lightweight, makes it perfect for travel use or offices.

Essential Gadgets While Traveling With Kids (15) 15
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