Nov 24, 2017

15 Coolest Gifts for Foodies.

Looking for the best gifts for foodies? Look no further; we have the 'Coolest Gifts for Foodies' from all over the world for you.

Nutella Jar Necklace: The Nutella Jar Necklace features a Nutella jar along with a spoon inside, making it a unique jewelry. Buy Now.

Nutella Jar Necklace
Hamburger Bedding: How about eating in bed with hamburger sheets? The pillows are double sided; with a hamburger on one side and while the other has bread with sesame seeds on it. Buy Now.

Hamburger Bedding
Jerry Can Beverage Storage: The Jerry Can Beverage Storage is handcrafted, made from a new 20l Jerry can, features a hinged door, holds two glasses, 4 beverage cans and two beverage bottles. And if there are snacks, then there are magnets to hold them on the door. Buy Now.

Jerry Can Beverage Storage
Apple Candle: This apple-shaped fragrant candle goes on for up to 10 hours to give light. Buy Now.

Apple Candle
Mushroom Pepper Grinder: The Mushroom Pepper Grinder is a wood grinder with ceramic mechanism and mushroom design. It doubles as a decorative piece for the kitchen and dining table. Buy Now.

Mushroom Pepper Grinder
Pizza Socks: The Pizza Socks come packed in a cardboard box and looks like delicious pizza. Buy Now.

Pizza Socks
Carrot Bag: This cute bag comes in the shape of a carrot, features zipper closure, adjustable shoulder strap up to 50", has an inner pocket, and is fully lined. Buy Now.

Carrot Bag
Watermelon Poncho: The Watermelon Poncho is a waterproof garment that's designed to keep one dry and protected as they explore outdoors, while the others are left with their mouth watering. Buy Now.

Watermelon Poncho
Pineapple Beach Blanket: The Pineapple Beach Blanket is perfect for beach or water park. Its shaped like a pineapple, and makes every location instantly into a tropical one. It has a 5-foot span, is comfortable, perfect between oneself and the sand and comes with a storage pouch that makes it a great beach tote. Buy Now.

Pineapple Beach Blanket
Cupcake Soap: The Cupcake Soap looks realistic and even smells real, is handmade from olive, coconut oil and cocoa butter, gently cleans and leaves skin soothed and moisturized. This handmade soap weighs 4-5 oz. Buy Now.

Cupcake Soap
French Fries Power Bank: The French Fries Power Bank is a portable power bank that features French fries 'n sleeve shaped bank, comes with 2600mAh, and gives 8 hours to get by. Buy Now.

French Fries Power Bank
Pasta Bookmark: Now who doesn't like to eat while reading? The Pasta Bookmark features a stainless steel fork and nylon pasta noodle attached to it to mark the page one is reading. Buy Now.

Pasta Bookmark
Giraffe Cup: What better can be than having one's favorite coffee in a Giraffe Cup? Buy Now.

Giraffe Cup
Fishbone Shelf: Fishbone is a modular shelf that resembles herring fishbones and can be arranged in a variety of ways. One can place these at 45 or 90 degrees, in pairs or in multiple combinations to decorate the walls with practicality. Buy Now.

Fishbone Shelf
Donut Push Pins: Now who doesn't like donuts? These delicious and mouth watering donuts are here for the bulletin board and not to eat, though these aren't edible. Buy Now.

Donut Push Pins

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Nov 23, 2017

15 Useful Gifts for Survivalists.

Looking for best gifts for survivalists? Look no further; we have 'Useful Gifts for Survivalists' from all over the world for you.

Patagonia Houdini Jacket: The Patagonia Houdini Jacket features featherweight 100% nylon ripstop with a durable waterrepellent finish and when not in use you can compress it into a tiny, packable pouch for storage. Buy Now.

Patagonia Houdini Jacket

Gear Survival Kit: The Gear Survival Kit is an extensive survival kit (we mean it) and is compact enough to be taken anywhere. It includes spring clip, compass, wiresaw, wire snares, firestarter, 30' fishing line, fishing hooks, knife, safety pins, sheet aluminumfoil, ziploc bag, stormproof matches, needle, thread, water purificationtablets, whistle, 45' 550 paracord, ducttape, waterproof paper, pencil, soap, candles, and guide that describes the uses of each of the contents, and survival tips for anyone without survival training. Buy Now.

Gear Survival Kit
Titanium Escape Ring: If you are among those who always get into sticky situations or rather sticky situations get you, then this Titanium Escape Ring is perfect for you. The Titanium Escape Ring is a practical jewel that features a hidden escape tool. The stainless steel tool measures 2" x 1/8" x 1/64" and is very flexible and lets you easily cut rope, features duct tape, zip-ties and more. Buy Now.

Titanium Escape Ring

Batman Multi-Tool: Batman is always nifty with tools and gadgets. So we have this clever Batman Multi-Tool for you that functions as a bottle opener, has crosshead and flathead screwdrivers in the wings and comes with a keyring attachment. Buy Now.

Batman Multi-Tool
Storage Pockets Belt: The Storage Pockets Belt is real tough; its so strong that you can even use it to tow a vehicle, its belt buckle made of solid brass is strong enough to easily break a car window. It's handcrafted from English leather (similar to those used in horse saddles), stitched together using polyester thread (those used in the sails of sailing yachts), and metal rivets that are used to secure the belt buckle in place, all these making it strong. Apart from these what makes it stand out is its storage pockets; it features three hidden zippered storage areas on the inside of the belt that you can use to store things like utility knife, matches, dollar bills, tools and more that can be of use to you in unfriendly situations. Buy Now.

Storage Pockets Belt

Narvik Jackets: Narvik Jackets are solar-powered smart jackets that heat you up by 18 degrees Fahrenheit over 2 minutes and keeps you warmer longer. These jackets features ThermalTech, a smart fabric that's specially coated 100% stainless steelmesh which heat up rapidly using solar or body heat. Its designed to prevent overheating of your body, is waterresistant and machine washable. Buy Now.

Narvik Jackets

Etekcity Ultralight: The Etekcity Ultralight is compact and fully functional stove that attaches to a canister and lets you cook outdoors. It weighs just 4.8 ounces. Buy Now.

Etekcity Ultralight
Motiongrade MS5 EDC Kit: The MS5 is a stylish EDC kit that features as a USB recharger or GPS tracker, water filter, knife, micro gasburner, fishing tackle, tinder, paracord, signaling mirror, pen, insect repellent, sewing kit, compass, water filter and more. Buy Now.

Motiongrade MS5 EDC Kit

Victorinox SwissTool: Victorinox SwissTool is compact and sturdy, and comes with 38 functions. It measures 2" high, 2" wide, features stainless-steel body and is foldable. Buy Now.

Victorinox SwissTool
Survco Credit Card Ax: The Survco Credit Card Ax is a must have survival tool that comes with 21 functions and can be placed comfortably in your wallet. It transforms into a knife, scraper, skinner, shovel, and more. You can also use it as seatbelt cutter, bottle opener, water valve wrench, gasvalve wrench, and more. Buy Now.

Survco Credit Card Ax

Grylls Survival Tool Pack: The Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Tool Pack is the all-weather ultimate survival pack that features an easily pocketable multi tool with 12 components. These includes pliers, wire cutters, a small flathead driver, opener, scissors, a crosshead driver, a piercer, and more. You also get Gerber's Tempo flashlight, and a firestarterrod in a textured plastic sheath for durable and convenient storage. Buy Now.

Grylls Survival Tool Pack

Luci Inflatable Solar Light: The Luci Inflatable Solar Light runs for up to 12h on a 7h recharge, and folds flat to 1 inch for easy packing. Its inflatable, waterproof, weighs only 4.4 ounces, and is perfect for patio, barbecue, camping, deck lighting, garden and more. Buy Now.

Luci Inflatable Solar Light

Swag 1 Person Canvas Tent: The Kodiak canvas swag tent is a versatile, one-person, portable, sleep system that measures six feet eight inches long and nearly three feet wide, and you need a blanket or sleeping bag, and ready to sleep outdoors. The floor is punctureresistant, a screened window in the head and foot allows airflow, and comes with comfy 2-inch foam mattresspad with flannel cover. Buy Now.

Swag 1 Person Canvas Tent
Pure2Go Portable Water Purifier Go-Kit: The Pure2Go-Kit is a portable high performance personal water purification system that comes with its adaptable gear. It includes a foldable water bottle that can be used in 3 different ways, a 2 liter, gravityfeed, source water bag that provides up to 16 ounces of water in a minute to supply the drinking and cooking needs for a group or family. Its pump can supply source water directly through the Pure2Go, or to fill the foldable bottle or 2 liter bag. Buy Now.

Pure2Go Portable Water Purifier Go-Kit
Spot Gen3: With Spot Gen3 you can take your adventures beyond mobile coverage areas. It provides you a line of communication and lets family and friends know you are okay or send your GPS location, all at the push of a button. This rugged, pocket-sized device gives you various tracing rates to suit your needs. Buy Now.

Spot Gen3 line of communication

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Nov 22, 2017

15 Useful Tailgating Gifts.

Looking for the best tailgating gifts? Look no further; we have the most 'Useful Tailgating Gifts' from all over the world for you.

BROpener: The BROpener turns anything into a cool bottle opener. Buy Now.

Bag-A-Lot: Bag-A-Lot is a portable and flexible garbagebag holder, holds large quantities of cans, bottles and more, keeps the surroundings clean. A must have on the list of gear for tailgating. Buy Now.

Tailgater Active: Tailgater Active streams music wirelessly from any Bluetooth music player up to 100 feet away. This heavy-duty sound system features 50-watt speaker system that provides a good sound experience. On a full recharge the device lasts up to 50 hours, comes with 2 AC power outlets to recharge smartphones and other gadgets, and 1/8-inch input for non-Bluetooth audio sources. It also features a built-in digital radio with 6 preset buttons. Buy Now.

Tailgater Active
Pouch Hoodie: The Pouch Hoodie features an insulated pocket to hold the beverage while keeping it cool. It keeps the body and also the hands warm from holding the beverage. Its pocket comes with elastic that keeps the bottle secured to the sweatshirt. Buy Now.

Pouch Hoodie
Hitch Hammock: The Hitch Hammock works with 2" hitch receiver, comes with 16"x 48" cargo basket for camping gear, two 16"x 24" grill tops for cooking and two hammockarms to hold the hammock. Buy Now.

Hitch Hammock
Spinchill: Spinchill is a portable gadget that chills the drink down in 1 minute. It works on canned and bottled beverages, perfect for tailgating and BBQ. Buy Now.

Tunes2Go Cooler: The Tunes2Go Cooler (CA-E065A KoolMax) is a 40-quart cooler, holds up to 48 cans or 28 bottles and comes with advanced insulation technology that provides iceretention for up to 3 days. It comes with removable cooler flashlight, 350 watts maximum output power Bluetooth digital music player and FM radio with two built-in 6.5" Hi-Fi waterresistant speakers and two 2" high performance tweeters to provide high-quality enjoyment. It lasts 16 hours of playing time and storage for iPad and recharging for iPhone/smartphone. Buy Now.

Tunes2Go Cooler
Tailgating Gloves With a Bottle Opener: The Tailgating Gloves come embedded with aluminum bottle opener in the right palm. So while at BBQ, one doesn't need to take off the gloves to open a chilled beverage, on the second thought these are also supposed to protect the hands from heat. Buy Now.

Tailgating Gloves With a Bottle Opener
Tailgating Table: The TailGator Tail Gate Hitch Fixable Tailgating Table measures 24" X 36", comes with umbrella clamp and four recessed drink holders. The table height adjusts for standing or sitting and it works with 2" receiver hitches. Buy Now.

Tailgating Table
Rapid Beverage Cooler: Rapid Beverage Cooler cools down a beverage can from room temperature to either 6°C (42.8°F) or -2°C (28.4°F) in minutes. Buy Now.

Rapid Beverage Cooler
Bevometer: Bevometer tracks the beverages one had with "this time" and over the "lifetime" counter. Buy Now.


Portable Reflex Travel Couch: The Portable Reflex Travel Couch is sized to seat two, comes with four adjustable backrest placements from flat to fully upright. It comes with a steelframe, polyester exterior, and high-density interiorfoam for comfortable seating. The armrests come with pockets to hold smartphone or beverage. It measures 45" X 23" X 3.5" flat, 45" X 19.25" X 13.5" when upright seated, and folds up to 27.75" X 7.25" X 23" for easy transporting. Buy Now.

Portable Reflex Travel Couch
Great Plate: It easily holds food and variety of cans and bottles. Perfect when food and beverages are served together. Buy Now: $14.99.

Great Plate
Notebook Charcoal Grill: The Notebook Grill is a portable charcoal grill that stands 14.18-inch for use and then folds flat to one inch in seconds. Buy Now: $34.39.

Notebook Charcoal Grill
StowAway Hitch Grill Station: The StowAway Hitch Grill Station is extremely durable and well equipped; features a functional preparation area and ample cooking space for grilling, tailgating, and more. It works with 1.25" or 2" hitch and supports up to 200 lbs (150 lbs with a 1.25" hitch). It pivots up to 180° for complete rear vehicle access, has 1,325 square inches of hauling space; 5" high side rails keep coolers and gear in place and its removable grill allows for year-round cargo hauling. The cuisinart grill provides 12,000 BTUs, grilling space 13.25" x 18" (240 sq inches), 2 shelves for extra workspace, precision temperature gauge for thorough cooking and more. Buy Now.

StowAway Hitch Grill Station

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