Aug 22, 2014

10 Awesome and Coolest Safes.

A Collection of 'Awesome and Coolest Safes' from all over the world to keep your valuables safe and secure.

Magnetic Card Entry Safe: The solid steel construction of Magnetic Card Entry Safe provides excellent protection. It features programmable movement alert and a recessed, anti-pry door. For those who think that they can simply walk away with the whole safe, it comes with a kit that allows the safe to be attached securely to your floor. For unlocking, you can program any magnetic card to open the safe; use the keypad, or the override key. The interior lights in the safe are perfect for taking out what you need in low-light settings.

Awesome and Coolest Safes (10) 1
Auto-Lift Floor Safe: The Automatic-Lift floor safe by Protex comes with a 4-digit personal code. You need to enter 4-digit personal code and the safe will automatically lift up from the floor. It must be installed in concrete floor for added security and protection. You can use mechanical key override in case of lost code to open the safe.

Awesome and Coolest Safes (10) 2
Döttling Barcelona Watch Safe: The Döttling Barcelona Watch Safe features leather exterior, twelve precision winders, three drawers, and a hefty weight of over 650 lbs.

Awesome and Coolest Safes (10) 3
Dormvault Laptop Safe: Here is something to keep you laptop safe and locked up in your college dorm room, apartment, or hotel. The Dormvault can hold 17" laptop, electronics and other valuables safe by internally attaching itself to the furniture. Now if someone wants to get access to you gadgets then they need to dismantle your bed or desk to get the safe off and that isn't going to be easy.

Awesome and Coolest Safes (10) 4
Safemark Heavy-Duty Drawer Safe: The Heavy-Duty Drawer Safe is small yet strong to keep your valuables safe and secure. It can be placed inside a drawer or attached to the shelf; it features a recessed door with hydraulic lift, steel construction, pry-proof locking and a personalized 4-digit code. It's small size works as an advantage as its not as obvious as a full-sized safe and yet provides safety to your valuables.

Awesome and Coolest Safes (10) 5
Biometric Access Safe: If you are among those who don't want to remember personalized code, or keep cards and keys to unlock your safe to access your valuables, then this is for your. The Biometric Access Safe uses your fingerprint to unlock the safe and keeps your valuables secure.

Awesome and Coolest Safes (10) 6
Beach Safe: What do you do to secure your iPhone, iPod, digital camera or any other valuables when you are on the beach, the picnic grounds, or even a swimmingpool? For such situations we have here this Beach Safe; this lightweight safe attaches to a bench, umbrella or any other fixed object with a 2' steel cable. And in event of security cable being cut or any attempt at snipping this line; it results in a 110-decibel sound alert.

Awesome and Coolest Safes (10) 7
Döttling Fortress: Billed as the "safest luxury safe in the world," said to be certified for insurance coverage of up to US$1,000,000. One configuration includes eight watch winders, and each winder can be individually controlled to rotate left or right or oscillate. And above the main safe there are two individual Colosimo safes with six more precision watch rotators.

Awesome and Coolest Safes (10) 8
Biometric Radiovault Safe: This Biometric Radiovault Safe is a safe and sound security system. It features a biometric fingerprint scanner that unlocks the drawer. Its compatible with the iPad Touch, Nano and iPod Classic and works with iPhone, 4, 3G and 3GS.

Awesome and Coolest Safes (10) 9
Air Vent Safe: It comes with two removable shelves that can be customized as per your storage requirements.

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Aug 21, 2014

15 Amazing R2-D2 Inspired Designs and Products - Part 5.

He is cute, kind, and loyal; we are talking about R2-D2, the most famous android from Starwars. Crookedbrains presents you a collection of 'Amazing R2-D2 Inspired Designs and Products' from all over the world. May the Force be with you!

R2-D2 Home Planetarium: The R2-D2 Home Planetarium features around 10,000 stars that can be projected from its head. This home planetarium has a projection range of around 4.9-7.5 ft and projected area of maximum 1.8m circumference. Turn it on and gaze at the thousands of amazing constellations that sparkle in our night sky.

Amazing R2-D2 Inspired Designs and Products (15) 1
R2-D2 Cup: This R2-D2 cup has a cool 2D effect and is the perfect gift for any Starwars enthusiast.

Amazing R2-D2 Inspired Designs and Products (15) 2
R2-D2 Sneakers: Yvonne Garcia (ShoesbyLADY), an artist from Orlando created these cool handpainted sneakers using Mossimo Supply Canvas Flat Sneakers.

Amazing R2-D2 Inspired Designs and Products (15) 3
R2-D2 Tin Tote Lunch Box: Now keep your lunch safe with this cute R2-D2 Tin Tote Lunch Box and all will know that you are a true friend of the little friendly robot.

Amazing R2-D2 Inspired Designs and Products (15) 4
R2-D2 Plastic Popcorn Bucket and Cup Set: Now hold your popcorn and your favorite drink in style with these cool R2-D2 Plastic Popcorn Bucket and Cup Set.

Amazing R2-D2 Inspired Designs and Products (15) 5
R2-D2 Bottle Stopper: This cool R2-D2 Bottle stopper is a great alternative to the boring corks and what more, now you can keep R2-D2 with your favorite bottles.

Amazing R2-D2 Inspired Designs and Products (15) 6
R2-D2 Eyewear: Let the world know your liking for the little friendly robot by wearing this cool R2-D2 eyewear.

Amazing R2-D2 Inspired Designs and Products (15) 7
R2-D2 Ladies' Yoga Pants: This R2-D2 Ladies' Yoga Pants features R2 details down one leg.

Amazing R2-D2 Inspired Designs and Products (15) 8
Papercraft R2-D2: This beautifully detailed papecraft R2-D2 comes complete with rotating head and legs.

Amazing R2-D2 Inspired Designs and Products (15) 9
Crochet R2-D2: This cool crochet R2-D2 features retractable leg buttons and all the other little shiny fittings.

Amazing R2-D2 Inspired Designs and Products (15) 10
R2-D2 Learning Laptop:

Amazing R2-D2 Inspired Designs and Products (15) 11
R2-D2 Wallet: This cool R2-D2 wallet keeps your cash safe.

Amazing R2-D2 Inspired Designs and Products (15) 12
R2-D2 Watch: This cool R2-D2 watch is waterproof to 50 meters, comes with solid white with blue accents and white leather strap.

Amazing R2-D2 Inspired Designs and Products (15) 13
R2-D2 Scarf:

Amazing R2-D2 Inspired Designs and Products (15) 14
R2-D2 USB Car Recharger: The R2-D2 USB Car Recharger features two USB recharging ports, each provide 2.1 Amps (enough to recharge 2 devices simultaneously). Its compatible with anything that recharges via USB (iPhones, smartphones, iPads, GPSes, and more) as long as you have the cable.

Amazing R2-D2 Inspired Designs and Products (15) 15
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Aug 20, 2014

15 Smart and Innovative Cleaners.

Crookedbrains presents to you a collection of 'Smart and Innovative Cleaners' from all over the world to keep your gadgets and home cleaner and healthy.

Grillbot: Just place this grill-cleaning robot on your grill and press a button and you're done. Its three powerful motors and three brushes provide reliable and thorough cleaning. You can set it on light clean or deep clean, and it signals when cleaning is complete.

Smart and Innovative Cleaners (15) 1
Watering: This innovative water purifier features a blue leaf that indicates the number of glasses you had during the day. Its recommended that we drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day and this blue leaf tracks the same.

Smart and Innovative Cleaners (15) 2
Touchscreen Mist Cleaner: This compact touchscreen cleaner releases a gentle mist with the press of a button, that makes your smartphones, iPads, and laptop screens spotless on the go.

Smart and Innovative Cleaners (15) 3
Winbot: The Winbot W730, window-cleaning robot by Ecovacs features frameless window detection system and pathfinder technology that automatically calculates the size of your window and programs for customized cleaning path for maximum efficiency. It can clean glass of any thickness and even Thermopane windows. And its sophisticated onboard computer allows it to intelligently avoid edges and obstacles while leaving windows and mirrors shining and spotless.

Smart and Innovative Cleaners (15) 4
Electrolux Air Cleaner: It works on plasmawave technology, features 1 HEPA filter and 4 carbon filters, rated for rooms up to 405 square feet and quiet silent which makes it ideal for bedrooms too.

Smart and Innovative Cleaners (15) 5
Auto Mee Robot Screen Cleaner: This Auto Mee Robotic screen cleaner by Takara Tomy, Japan keeps your smartphone's screen or for that matter other gadgets too clean while you relax.

Smart and Innovative Cleaners (15) 6
Plant-Based Air Purifier: This plant based indoor air filtration system pulls in dirty air which is processed through a plant's leaves, roots, and humidity, and reintroduces clean air back into the room.

Smart and Innovative Cleaners (15) 7
Robotic Solar Swimmingpool Cleaner: This cool solar-powered robot cleaner removes leaves, dust, organic material and debris of all types from the surface of your swimmingpool before it settles down.

Smart and Innovative Cleaners (15) 8
Keyboard Cleaner: The computer keyboard is not easy to clean, and for this we have a unique cleaner like cyberclean. Just press the cleaner into the keyboard and it removes all the dirt and other residues from within the keys.

Smart and Innovative Cleaners (15) 9
iRobot Mirra 530 Swimmingpool Cleaning Robot: This Robotic Swimmingpool Cleaner by iRobot is a self-contained vacuum, pump, and filter system that works without modifications to existing systems making your swimmingpool's systems work less, require less maintenance, and lowering the cost. All you need to do is to drop Mirra 530 in, press the clean button and it pumps and filters 70 gallons (265 liters) of water per minute. Using iAdapt Nautiq Responsive Cleaning Technology, it sizes up the approximate dimensions of the swimmingpool, then chooses the optimum cleaning cycle for maximum efficiency.

Smart and Innovative Cleaners (15) 10
Mocoro Robotic Furball Vacuum Cleaner: The cool Mocoro Robotic Furball Vacuum Cleaner from Japan is a colorful furball that moves around your house cleaning. Unlike most of the vacuum cleaners that requires you to change the bag or empty the canister, its here that the sophisticated piece of technology and simplicity lies; all you need to do is just clean the ball using its special brush and its good to go again.

Smart and Innovative Cleaners (15) 11
Roomba: The Roomba 780, dirt detecting robotic vacuum can analyze the dimensions of a room, determine the optimal cleaning path, and autonomously clean the floor while navigating around the furniture. Its capable of detecting areas of high dirt concentration and signaling to the Roomba to concentrate on these areas. You can schedule it to automatically clean up to seven times per week or prompted to spot clean with the touch of a button.

Smart and Innovative Cleaners (15) 12
Float Clear Bath Ball - Water Cleaner: These cool little bath balls contain synthetics and natural charcoal; when dropped into the bathtub these floats around and absorb all the oil, dirt and residue from the water. When you are done with your bath, just simply squeeze it out and toss it in the washing machine or wash it in the washbasin.

Smart and Innovative Cleaners (15) 13
Vacuum Shoes Concept: A cool concept that comes from Electrolux in the form of vacuum shoes that pulls up dirt from the floor as you walk.

Smart and Innovative Cleaners (15) 14
Rideable Vacuum Cleaner: The kids can ride on the vacuum cleaner and be part of cleaning their home in a fun, responsible and inspiring way.

Smart and Innovative Cleaners (15) 15
Smart and Innovative Cleaners (15) 16
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